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  1. Not a good idea, it'd totally ruin the immersion.
  2. Seems like a waste of time to make, really.
  3. It would be stupid of them to not make the backpacks visible, but the second one? I'm not too sure that's necessary.
  4. Didn't notice, plus that's a mod request. I'm talking about making it into an official part of the game.
  5. So I thought it would be good to have this, why? Because if you play the same map for a long time, you'll know where to go, what to do etc. and it ruins the experience in my opinion. It feels much more immersive if you have no clue where you are. How this would work? It's easy, certain sets of buildings being put in random locations, so it's not a huge mess with everything going everywhere. For example: - Set 1, 5 Civillian houses - Set 2, Police Station And gas station, with a few houses beside - Set 3, Pharmacy, Parking Lot and supermaket. These are not the best sets I could come up with, but it gives off a good idea on what it could be like. Thanks for reading!
  6. "We don't need to check the barn."
  7. It's not Ghilly suits, it's Ghillie.
  8. Longest was 3 days 3 hours, then I died because I was bitten.
  9. So for example, you could hit a deer with an arrow and it would flee, but you could follow it by going after the blood trails. It would make a really awesome "minigame" so you do something other than killing zombies.
  10. For anyone who still didn't fix it, here's my guide on how to do it. http://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/1/540735426623181264/
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