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Expanded Combat

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So, after a bunch of stopping, aiming, clickng, and running, I realize that the waay in the game is not at all how I would kill zombies. As of now, the only real factor determining whether you live or die in combat is timing. No one would never fight in real life like it takes place in game. I say new options should be added for combat.

  • So lets start off easy with strike position. Scroll on the mouse to poise your weapon for a high (Instant kill chance and lowest chance for knock back), mid (High Chance of knock back, medium chance of tripping, no kill potential), and low (Chance to cripple, high chance to trip, no kill potential) (Note: It would be basically the same between guns and melee, except for miss factors, kill potential, etc
  • So based on the previous concept, what reason would you have to try and trip a zombie? Well I suggest moves to instantly kill an of balance or fallen zombie. The downside to finishing moves would be that they take longer than a normal strike making it imposible whilst being swarmed but useful for one on one encounters.
  • 1 Step further from the bullet above, stealth finishing moves. There really needs to be an expanded stealth system, but we're not here for that are we, noooo, we're here to talk about combat. Sneak up on a zombie, use potentially the same finishing moves as above. ( I would like to clarify one point. As I continue to say finishing move I'm reminded of wrestling. I do not mean that kind of finishing move. I'm talking about curb stomping, etc.)
  • You could sprint and using your body weight throw a small group of zombies off balance depending on strength, etc.
  • Hop low lying obstacles, slowing down zombies to out manuever them.

I have more outlandish ideas but i think I'll keep them to myself ... for now at least. Everything I've listed should be relatively easy to impliment. I say "should be" because I have absolutely no idea in the world how to program games. But yeah... thanks.

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An overhaul of the entire combat system is planned... just not quite like that. That sounds very Soul Caliber-y, and PZ isn't that kind of game really. Also, not everyone has scroll wheels and that sounds really awkward to implement and visualize in PZ.


tl;dr Yes combat needs an overhaul, just not like that.

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