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Duping vegetables

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	• Version: 41.71
	• Singleplayer/Multiplayer: Singleplayer
	• Host or dedicated: Not sure? Just simple world creation, your own world
	• Mods: None
	• Old or new save: New
	• Reproduction steps:

1. Freeze a vegetable (potato, carrot, etc.)
2. Bait a trap (any trap works, VEGETABLE MUST BE FROZEN)
3. The frozen vegetable is in your inv, and an unfrozen vegetable in the trap
4. Take out the vegetable out of the trap

Basically, you can abuse this for infinite vegetables, or any bait. However, if the vegetable is stale or rotten, you get the same stale or rotten
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Not sure what host, dedicated servers are
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doesn't this reduce the hunger value of vegetable by 5? and returning the veggie from the trap, won't this result in a vegetable only having 5 hunger reduction?


that is at least how the vanilla system is supposed to work for non-frozen food...

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