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Wooden floor on snow doesn't appear!



First of all, I play in custom, so I start in January. As soon as game started, snow began to fall from sky accordingly. I survived for 20 days and found my base. To increase my carpentery skill I change garage floor with wooden floor properly, without any problem. But when I attempt to build wooden floor on outdoor, upon snow.. It just doesn't appear. Building process finishes, floor sound is "woody", and I can even remove wooden floor from ground with saw but it just doesn't appear.

Thanks in advance.

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17 hours ago, Beard said:

The floor would be below the snow in that case, you will have to wait until the snow melts, since the snow was placed before the wooden floor existed.


Is there anything else that I can do? It's about 20 January at the moment, so it'll be a long time to wait snow get melted.

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