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Any idea how to bypass .bank files by scripts? (music replacement)


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I have a big problem where in the game you can not modify the music in any way except to change the .bank files. The problem is that after the OST update it became too difficult to make music mods. Since many elements of the game are "divided" and I can't just insert them. I have to replace individual sections like "intro, fade_out, bridge, loops". With loops it's a disaster. All the music is divided into bars, which makes modifying the music almost impossible, at least as designed. This approach I saw in Left 4 Dead where the theme is also divided into instrumental.


Why can not just "take and turn on the player over the game?". Because there are many moments in the game that perfectly fit the general atmosphere in different situations. But as I understand it was much easier for players to just come up with a True Music Mod and not even go into details on how to get around this problem. Or will have to create a separate Music Framework to be able to create music replacement a million times easier than now.


If in the case of sound effects can be bound by scripts (sometimes it doesn't work). But with music it will not work because now the slider with style change "early access - official - mixed" does not work.


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