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I've been thinking about some of the game's mechanics, and I have a few suggestions.


First of all, guns currently don't have very many customization options and are fairly basic. It would be nice to either have more hardcoded attachment slots for things like stocks, barrels, handguards/frames etc or have a way for mods to add new attachment slots.


Additionally, there is currently no way to make guns able to use multiple different magazines and/or ammo types without complex workarounds; for example, if a mod wanted to add an assault rifle that can take either normal or extended magazines, it would have to change the gun's data every time it switches to a different magazine size, and as far as I know there is no way to make different varieties of ammunition. (Hollow-Point, FMJ, AP etc) Some sort of fix for this would open up a lot of possibilities.


Finally, there currently isn't an easy way to make a mod that replaces in-game sounds or animations. Most mods that do this have to manually replace files to work, which causes several issues and inconveniences. A function that lets mods more easily replace these things would be great.

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It would probably need a heavy rewrite of weapons to accomplish it but if done probably would provide a powerful framework for weapon customization in the long run.

Which can be applied to both Meele and Ranged


One possible solution;


Gun base define parts ( not damage ) 

Parts are tagged 

Magazine - Mag \ Bolt   ( Bolt would be all single fire including crossbow \ arrow ) 

Stock - 0 \ 1 ( yes or no ) if yes change model part or if blank keep default   [ 0 - means no variable options ] 

Barrel - 0 \ 1 ( yes or no ) if yes change model part or if blank keep default 

Accessories - # ( number possible to be added ) 

Accessory tags - which tags allowed in each group



Then below that each 

Part is defined separately


Could be made as an XML sheet to make it easier to add and modify weapons 

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