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Black World on starting my server after crashing after getting out of bed.


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I was sleeping when I noticed the clock speeding up and slowing down, I thought it was an issue so I got out of bed, and when I did the game was at 3x speed and I dashed across my room where the game crashed, bottom right said error 1. I hear error one is usually mods but I don't have any so I can't find a fix anywhere. When I load up the game after this most tiles are black but I can see a few structures around me and trees, I can't interact with any hud elements or move but time still passes. I went to bed in frustration so now the evidence in console.txt is gone but when I looked at it there were commands that were switching the game speed up and back to normal repeatedly, commands for clearing all player data and removing various hud elements which seem to line up with what I'm experiencing. Saw someone else with this issue and others said "You just need to go into the files and fix it or start a new save". I have no clue how to fix the files lol. Fr tho this is really pissing me off and I would appreciate any help from someone who knows what they're doing as opposed to me.

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I'm having this same issue, in fact both my friend and I had the same thing happen.


We slept, then woke up and were moving super fast for a few seconds then game crashed.  After loading in again with the same character we just have black flickering screen with a few elements (trees, rooftops) visible.  Can't do anything, but game is still live because others can login to the server and play normally.


My console log has erased the data of what happened, but this is a really bizarre error.  I can load in as a new character without issue, just the one is giving me probems.

It sucks because that character claimed our safehouse, so I won't be able to add anyone to it if needed.


Any ideas what I could do to fix that character?  It doesn't appear to be a graphics driver or settings issue, since I can load into the game normally with another character.

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