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Brita's armor pack crashing Hosted server.


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Hey yall! 

I am hosting a server for the first time for a few friends but one mod is causing the server to crash on creation. Britas Armor pack. 
I am not using the weapon pack or any other brita adjacent mods. I cant for the life of me figure it out or know what the console errors mean. 
Ill post the console below!



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Brita's Armor has had an update rolled out yesterday and that has caused a lot of problems for anyone using the mod/s. It has been suggested unsubscribing > closing game/steam > restarting > resubscribing could help. Does it work if you disable the mod?

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Vehicles_m113 - may want to check its not caused by this, not britas armor


Edit: After further scanning logs world dictionary usually means youre doubling up on an item, so 2 mods share the same item ID, or it can also be what man said above me ofcourse, I would suggest deleting the 108600 folder entirely, and redownloading all mods

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