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Sudden massive zombie population?


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Is anyone else experiencing sudden massive zombie spawns on their server?  Constant re-spawns?  Spawns inside claimed homes/areas secured by walls?  The admins on the server I play on have said they changed no settings (and the server has for a very long time been well past the 'max population' date), but recently the zombie population has multiplied significantly.  Just trying to trouble shoot to rule out any official changes to how zombie spawning works before focusing more on server side issues.

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If the save is sufficiently old, it’s map_meta bin would break when it gets the new map data. Though this was a problem a few months aho and a fix to to prevent it breaking in the future was released.


But, as a total guess: have them check if any map mods they’re using updated.


And check to see if map_meta.bin is unusually small (or large), since its possible that mods will bloat the file to the point it can no longer be loaded.

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