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Server settings always switch back to "Apocalypse" preset even when saved


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Edit: This was in Build 41.71 STABLE


For whatever reason, whenever I try to edit the settings for my PZ server, it always switches back to the default "Apocalypse" settings. In other words, everything is lost; selected mods, zombie population settings, literally everything just reverts back to Apocalypse no matter what. I have already searched online for solutions, but all I can find are outdated stuff from upwards of 7 years ago. Even if I selected a different preset and saved, it would just switch back.

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5 hours ago, EnigmaGrey said:

erriding anything un

Sorry to not have mentioned it earlier, but I have been clicking Apply Preset, which was the reason why I submitted this report; even if I had clicked Apply Preset and clicked Save, it would revert to Apocalypse settings no matter what. Sorry for not clarifying

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I'm trying to say that there's no reason to use the preset screen at all unless you want to overwrite your sandbox settings with that preset.


The preset screen will always have Apocalypse selected because that's the first item in the list, but it doesn't mean the other sandbox settings are now set to Apocalypse. 


Try this: open your settings, make a change under sandbox (like zombie population to low), click save.


Open it again, see if the change is still there (ignoring the presets screen).


It should be. It is on my end.

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