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GoG Project Zomboid Multiplayer Guide


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Let's cover the easy stuff first, the client.


When connecting to a GoG Project Zomboid dedicated server you have two options:


GoG Clients:

  • Go to Join -> Favorites
  • Fill in the information for the server on the right, and click Save.
  • Connect to the Server.


Steam Clients:

  • Go to Join -> Favorites
  • Fill in the information for the server on the right, and click Save.
  • Connect to the Server.


NOTE: For running Steam dedicated servers there are many tutorials out there, so we will not cover any of that here.


Running a GoG Dedicated Server:

Hosted game server providers do not provide direct access to the startting/stopping of the server, instead you are given a toggle on a web interface. You are also unlikely to be provided access to the StartServer64_nosteam.bat for you to start the server, which would start the server without Steam - If you can, great, do that. Additionally there is no setting in the servertest.ini file to disable Steam integration, so some additional work is needed to make the server work in non-Steam mode.


First edit ProjectZomboid64.json and change the line to  "-Dzomboid.steam=0". You may also want to take this opportunity to increase the RAM allocated to the JVM (the -Xmx8g line).

	"vmArgs": [

NOTE: When using the Steam Project Zomboid Dedicated Server in non-Steam mode the ProjectZomboid64.json file WILL reset when you Verify File Integrity, and when the game updates.


Next edit serverTest.ini and ensure the Steam features are turned off. Look for the lines below:

# Show Steam usernames and avatars in the Players list. Can be true (visible to everyone), false (visible to no one), or admin (visible to only admins)

# Enable the Steam VAC system



  • Neither the game nor mods will be auto-updated by Steam.



  • If you don't have access to the Steam Workshop you will need to find a way to get a hold of any mods which you may desire.
  • No Steam Overlay, if you are addicted to that sort of thing like me.


Using mods with the GoG version of Project Zomboid:

For any mods you wish to add you will need three things. The mod itself, the mod ID, and access to the servertest.ini file.


Step 1, Get a mod.
There are not too many sources to get mods for Project Zomboid. The most popular, of course, is the Steam Workshop. There is also NexusMods (Project Zomboid Nexus), though they have a much smaller collection of mods. Whether this is due to many modders being unaware of alternate mod sites, or just choosing to ignore the non-Steam portion of the community I don't know.


For our example we will be using Bedford Falls.

Bedford Falls by ringod123 can be found at both sites:


Note: At the time I was writing this the versions of Bedford Falls on both sites differ slightly. That should not affect the process we are using at all.


Step 2, Install the mod.
Once you have acquired your mod, copy the mod to the appropriate location, and add the mod information to the servertest.ini 


Copying the Mod where it goes.

You will need to copy the mod into the mods folder on the client and server. If the mods folder does not exist at the root level of your server install, create it.


If you acquired the mod...

From NexusMods:

Within the zip you will find a folder structure like \BedfordFalls\mods\Bedford Falls. Copy the 'Bedford Falls' folder under the mods folder to the /mods folder on your server. You should end up with /mods/Bedford Falls.


For the clients, place the mods in...



From Steam:

You can find the Steam mod in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\522891356\mods\Bedford Falls location. Again, copy the 'Bedford Falls' folder under the mods folder to the /mods folder on your server. You should end up with /mods/Bedford Falls here as well.


For the clients, place the mods in...



Note the space in the folder name for 'Bedford Falls'.


Editing the servertest.ini

Next, Inside the mod.info file found under /mods/Bedford Falls you need to find the mod ID. It will be on a line like this:


Copy the mod ID of the mod and put it in your servertest.ini:

# Enter the mod loading ID here. It can be found in \Steam\steamapps\workshop\modID\mods\modName\info.txt

Note: I think this is a typo in the comments, as mod.info contains the mod loading ID. There is no info.txt.


Since the Bedford Falls mod also includes a map, we need to put the information on the map line as well.

Note: Be absolutely sure that Muldraugh, KY is last in your list of maps.


# Enter the foldername of the mod found in \Steam\steamapps\workshop\modID\mods\modName\media\maps\
Map=BedfordFalls;Muldraugh, KY

Save your servertest.ini.


Step 3, test the mod.

Before you want to invest hours into the world only to find the mod you added isn't working can be frustrating at the least. So I recommend a few things for testing.


  • Turn on debug mode by using -debug

               Go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Project Zomboid [GOG.com]\ and right click on the Project Zomboid shortcut, and choose Properties.

               In the Target box add -debug to the end of the line...

"D:\GOG Games\Project Zomboid\ProjectZomboid64.exe" -debug
  • Make yourself an admin via RCON

               You can find a free, open source, no bloat RCON client at GitHub: RCON Client

               Once connected via RCON, enter: setaccesslevel "USERNAME" admin

               You can now disconnect RCON from your server.


  • If using new maps, turn on the All Know On Start setting in your servertest_SandboxVars.lua
  • Teleport around the map to see if new map areas are present.
  • Teleport around to see if added content spawns correctly (like vehicles).
  • Depending on what other mods you use there may be other things to test.


Once everything looks good with the mods, shut down the server, delete the /Saves/Multiplayer/servertest directory, disable -debug, and remove admin permissions from your user.


Now you can launch your server with mods for you & friends without the need for Steam. And again, it also won't auto update, and start causing issues with mod compatibility.


If there is any feedback, information I've overlooked, or additional clarity which can be provided, just ask.


A quick final note about auto updating. On G-Portal there is a setting on your Project Zomboid dashboard, under Administration for auto updating. Turn it off if you don't want them auto-updating your server for you. Other providers may have a similar mechanism.

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