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I cant check the Snow amount on the Ground. CarsInTheSnow Mod

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Good Day,


i try in many diffrent ways in Lua to get the State of the Snow. 

But i get only 0, nil, false or an error (maybe if i try bad syntax thinks my bad.)

if i get with


then it prints out how strong it snows. from 0 to 1

but i want to get the snow amount of the tile.

sometimes the debug general log message shows the snow change from 0 to 100

but this is what i want to check with the code. because i want to change the car skins to a snow version if the tiles are snowly.  (maybe anyone have a better idea to decide when the cars should be snowy)


i tried out:

getClimateManager():climateBool --but i dont relly know to use it.
getClimateManager():getClimateBool(int int1) --same problem i dont figure out which int is it.
zombie.iso.weather.ClimateManager.BOOL_IS_SNOW --its alwasy false. surly the default because i guess this is not the right instanz i dont know
getErosion():isSnow(); --every time false


no idea that i can do
i had the idea to get the x y z data from the player and then check the tiles but if i cant do so easy thinks i guess i need to learn it before i try thinks like that. (i found the classes already for this step. )


I hopy anyone can help me. maybe it is not implemeted jet or i do thinks wrong.


Best regards and thank you. Trackhe

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getCell():gridSquareIsSnow(x, y, z) -- is snow tiles?

IsoCell doesn't expose snowGridCur, can't get snow amount, but this method can be used to get tile is covered with snow

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