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[41.65] [Multiplayer] Discord Integration rename Bot to servername.


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• Version: 41.65

• Session mode: Multiplayer.

• Server type: Dedicated.

• Has mods? Yes.

• Reproduction steps:

    1. Follow the discord bot integration setup post to initialize the integration.

    2. Make sure everything is okay and start the dedicated server.

    3. Sometimes you will see something in the logs like {username=servertest, password=null, somethingsomething=null}.
    4. If you saw step 3's log, your Discord Bot name will be renamed to your server's name (by default: servertest). If not it will be kept as you configured @ discord's app developer page.


• Commentary 01: I'm not 100% sure this is a bug, but it is definitely annoying to have to go back to the Discord's App Developer page just to rename the bot's name to the name you set up initially. If this is intentional then please, do ignore this report as it is not critical by any means.

• Commentary 02: Also, it is sending duplicate messages from discord room to game after reconnecting the bot [?] 

jan. 11, 2022 11:42:17 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info
INFORMATION: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by client!
jan. 11, 2022 11:42:17 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info
INFORMATION: Could not resume session. Reconnecting now...


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Per my comment here:

You can write a command/script in the CLI to request a nickname change via API. I was also able to rename the bot via my Discord Server (under the members list), but you need to have nickname management rights/privileges.


Overall, I think the bot name should be decoupled from the server name, anyway, and be directly configurable. It's otherwise making unnecessary changes/requests to the portal, technically, renaming the bot on every server start.

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Discord integration is bugged as a hell, I suspect it is because zomboid uses ancient four-year-old Javacord version v2. Which was developed before Discord public API changes a few years back.


Maybe someday developers will update the bundled library to modern version v3.4.0+, as well as some relevant code pieces, and some bugs will be gone for the greater good.

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