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Build 41.52 - Problem with Sheets

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Ive noticed that in the newest update something is still a bit weird in how the Sheets behaves, and how our character can interact with them.

Yes, as the update notes said - you can now disassemble the curtains to get Ripped Sheets material (though shouldnt it be more than just 1? or maybe just whole Sheets item, as in previous builds). The problem is, that when you try to disassemble the Sheet (not the Curtain) from your door - you cant do that. But when you try to disassemble Sheet from window - it works properly. Seems like the doors are just missing this behavior?


Also, another weird behavior of Sheet is that you cant pick them up (both from window and doors), with pick up option - like you can now pick up the other Curtains. So basically, when you placed your Sheet on the door or window - its stuck there without possibility to disassemble it or move it.
Heres some screens in case:




Please look up into it, developers, whenever it will be possible for you. Thank you for the great work with new updates, and still working on the game. It generally feels like the critique, that you sometimes receive, isnt really deserved. And its sad to see that sometimes people dont want to acknowledge, how much the game changed (for the better) over the years - and how much work was needed to achieve this effect. Lets respect each other, and how the opening text ingame says - 'dont get mad, get involved. let us know on our forums...'.

Thanks, and wish you all nice day.

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