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Using un-smashed bottles as weapons.

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Currently, glass bottles can only be used as a weapon when they've already been broken, which limits their usefulness as they're incredibly weak, even for glass (in terms of durability.), and don't do much damage. I don't think it's even possible to kill a full health zombie with a bottle even when factoring in crits.


While I don't necessarily think you should be able to use bottles as effectively as just about anything else, I do think they could be fixed up a little, given a little makeover.

Notable changes:

-Glass bottles can be used as weapons, even when unbroken and full.

-Unbroken glass bottles would fall under "Short blunt" (as broken bottles fall under Short blade)

-Full bottles would deal more damage, as they're significantly heavier than an empty bottle.

-Empty bottles make a cool sound :)

(If you've ever hit something with a glass bottle, you know exactly what it sounds like.)

-It takes a few hits to break, as glass bottles are actually quite strong, BUT:

-When an unbroken bottle's durability is drained to zero, it becomes a smashed bottle, and isn't unequipped from the player's hand, (re-equipped instantly if technical limitations apply.) Glass is visually embedded in the target's face similarly to the new anim for zombies falling on glass.

Optional additions to this concept include:

-Maybe if the bottle contains alcohol, the zombie is "stunned" for a second and cry out in pain  (or growl?) as alcohol is splashed on the wounds created by the glass shards. As far as I'm aware from a lore and gameplay perspective, zombies already feel pain as evidenced by their reactions to being harmed, even when stabbed which would have very little "stopping power" so to speak.

-Liquid shows on the zombie above the chest.

-The ability to put bleach in the bottles and accomplish something similar would be pretty cool, maybe even blinding the individual zombie forcing them to rely on their other senses.



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