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Using higher level floor to enclose lower level rooms

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Hopefully the title isn't confusing, but here's what I'm wondering if it would be possible. Take a look at level 1 of this church. There's the pews on the balcony area, but an open floor above level 0, so the roof above level 1 is keeping the building enclosed. I would like to be able to do something similar with player constructed buildings. This may be part of the cutaway issues with player built walls that I've seen Pandorea comment on, but just in case I'll include some screenshots for a player built building.




This building has a roof covering level 1, but because of a hole in the floor of level 1, both level 1 and 0 are considered outdoors.



I'm interested in building a balcony like area similar to that church, so having the floor on level 2 as the roof would be enough to enclose level 0 and 1 as indoors. If I were to create a balcony area like in the church, I would have to cover the entirety of level 1 with floors to keep the rain out, even if level 1 had a roof above it and my balcony area would just be a big floor instead to keep the rain out of level 0. Let me know if there's a better way I can describe this or if I can provide more information to explain. Mostly, I'd just like to build higher level indoor balconies that still function to keep out the rain. Thanks for reading!

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