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Improvements to fitness menu

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The fitness menu seems to be one of the most advanced ones, wish some of the features from it (like having to remove backpack, having to stand up, unable to be overburdened, exhausted etc.) would carry into other aspects of the game as well! Either way, it have its minor flaws, so here's a summary:


  • You can't see what Barbell and Dumbbel does unless you look it up online or actually equip them – it would make sense for the options to be clickable but OK button wouldn't be clickable even if you don't have them, so you can read the descriptions.
  • After you equip barbell or dumbbell, you need to open and close the menu for it to refresh.
  • Not really as important, as UI design might chance down the road (I remember it being teased in one of the Thurstoids), but IMO It would be nice if fitness menu would be available from right click as well, or alternatively from underneath the move furniture.


Edit: also, fitness menu and fitness skill share the same menu, maybe one of them should be renamed to something else to avoid confusion?

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