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Vehicle Mechanics: Uninstall to ground

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Good day survivors!


I was curious what others thought about having an option to uninstall vehicle parts directly to the ground. Vehicle parts, like furniture, are often heavy and even a single tire can have your character struggling with the weight. Furniture that is too heavy can be picked up and then it immediately falls to the ground (as the item) if it is too heavy for your inventory. And even just a minute of stripping a car for parts can have your inventory looking like this:



I will concede I don't know the best way to deal with car parts you do want to go straight to your inventory, like taking a tire from one car to immediately put on to another, but that's why I've just considered this as something toggleable in the Accessibility tab. The scenario I'm in is me constantly bouncing back and forth between dropping heavy items and uninstalling parts, but I still usually end up in a lot of pain from the all the constantly adding heavy items to my inventory.

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I've been thinking about this as well, and it seems to me a simple approach is the best here. Essentially, any item from mechanical work or object pickup (like some furniture) should automatically be dropped on ground IF its weight added to your inventory places the players into the Extremely Heavy Load moodle range. For clarity, this would NOT apply to furniture pickup that doesn't break the furniture into several objects, so a large table would apply but a chair would not since you're only option there is to Place the chair and not drop an inventory item on the ground. 


If an item is automatically dropped on ground like this, the player can then choose to pick it up and do whatever they need to do with it. 

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