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Bandana improvements

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This is a very simple suggestion. As it currently is, bandanas have quite a messy way of wearing them (an issue that was resolved for hoodies and ponchos and fanny packs a while ago with the addition of the "wear" menu).

image.png.ad8b7eb9e4a8818d4668d5d80098ea1a.pngNotice how Untie Bandana and Tie Bandana are seperate to wearing on your face. (TBH the wording of these is kinda confusing aswell)



image.png.9262f93211711b445f35aa899413f1cd.pngHere is the solution that has been implemented for hoodies, to clean up the clutter in the RMB menu.



Just a simple proposition to apply the same "wear" menu to bandanas (and maybe reword the Unti Bandana and Tie Bandana menus, so that it's clearer that this is on your head instead of your face.)


My apologies if this has been suggested before/is planned and i've missed it.

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