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Bags missing and other strange behavior.

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So I have a SOLO build 41 game and I have transferred my base of operations to a farm house in Westpoint.  Shortly after clearing the area and transferring my stash (several bags worth), I log out for the night.


When I start the game up, it seems there is a zombie in the house, and I hear banging which is strange as nothing was going on when I logged out.  I kill the zed but can't find the banging noise.  Also all of my bags are missing, the escape rope I put out is missing, the garage (where i parked the car) is locked which I never do. The car is still there and the generator is in the back seat, but all bags are gone.  Also all TVs are on (I turned them off).


The game is only about 12 days in.  I really have no idea what could have happened.  I'm happy to provide some files if you needed although I've loaded and saved a few times since then trying to figure out what happened.


Not sure if it is relevant, but I did see a lot of Error Values popup in the bottom right corner.  I've seen that every so often while playing B41 so I just ignored it, but it did appear to occur more often than normal last night.

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Could be a number of things - corrupted files, too much loot around, power outage / improper game close, Super Survivors and Kingsmouth. But most likely it is the antivirus, what kind of antivirus do you have? (Avast specifically has been troublesome) Can you add an exception to it for the "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" folder? (the game saves files in that folder, could trouble some antiviruses)


Check this thread for more ideas/explanations 


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