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Koe's annoying suggestion log

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Few things that should be added to the game and important fixes :


Fixes :


-Disassembling cash registers

-Disassembling diner tables

-Disassembling church benches (Riverside and other locations)

-Locking player-made doors and double doors

-Rebalancing trait point allocation

-Rebalancing profession point allocation

-Rebalancing hemophobic

-Attaching sling to the double-barreled shotgun

-Lowering gas consumption for sunday driver perk


Changes :


-Give backpacks durability. It would be nice if your backpack could get damaged/torn. It would give an additional use for the amazing tailoring skill. It would add a different dynamic.

-Make roofs solid blocks instead of their current transparent limb-breaking floating treacherous selves.

-Introduce clay into foraging and make the recipe : bucket of water + clay + cook = bricks.

-Make it possible to build roof blocks with bricks. Make it possible to paint the roof with paint.

-Have some cars equipped with manual transmissions that would need to be operated by the player in order to work.

-Add the ability for manual cars to stall.

-Throw away the losing hat/glasses effect. Annoying and doesn't add anything to the game. Makes perfect protection hats completely useless since 100% of the time, it will fly off and you'll get injured in one sweep. Litters the place with a lot of junk too, which reduces performance over time.

-GIVE AN EFFECTIVE PURPOSE TO STONES. Looking at my 720 stones dump shack as we speak.


What I came up with over the last week of gameplay. I will try to post one of these once a week.

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