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  1. Few things that should be added to the game and important fixes : Fixes : -Disassembling cash registers -Disassembling diner tables -Disassembling church benches (Riverside and other locations) -Locking player-made doors and double doors -Rebalancing trait point allocation -Rebalancing profession point allocation -Rebalancing hemophobic -Attaching sling to the double-barreled shotgun -Lowering gas consumption for sunday driver perk Changes : -Give backpacks durability. It would be nice if your backpack could get damaged/torn. It would give an additional use for the amazing tailoring skill. It would add a different dynamic. -Make roofs solid blocks instead of their current transparent limb-breaking floating treacherous selves. -Introduce clay into foraging and make the recipe : bucket of water + clay + cook = bricks. -Make it possible to build roof blocks with bricks. Make it possible to paint the roof with paint. -Have some cars equipped with manual transmissions that would need to be operated by the player in order to work. -Add the ability for manual cars to stall. -Throw away the losing hat/glasses effect. Annoying and doesn't add anything to the game. Makes perfect protection hats completely useless since 100% of the time, it will fly off and you'll get injured in one sweep. Litters the place with a lot of junk too, which reduces performance over time. -GIVE AN EFFECTIVE PURPOSE TO STONES. Looking at my 720 stones dump shack as we speak. What I came up with over the last week of gameplay. I will try to post one of these once a week.
  2. Game version 41.31 In custom sandbox, zombies can trigger house alarms even with the option turned off. Zombie house alarm triggering is not checked in my settings. I just had 3 successive alarms go off in the distance. I have it set so that zombies can open doors and windows.
  3. Koester

    41.31 Bugs

    List of bugs that I have noticed : - Impossible to shoot a zombie while they are climbing over a fence or window - M16 jammering every other second - M16 unable to shoot downed or crawling zombies - Aiming reticle not highlighting zombies properly - Zombies being able to swipe at you after crawling through a window from 3 blocks away - Game stutters galore - Screen blarping out when going up a Z level (Survivor sometimes disappears) I'll keep an eye out for more.
  4. I tried all of them multiple times. Even after writing this post.
  5. I'm not stupid. Of course I've tried lol. Have you read my post at all? Edit : And before you ask, yes I did put it on Wumbo. I even tried to turn it off and turn it back on. There.
  6. I'm not sure where to post this and I figured this would be the best place to get this seen. The advanced audio settings need to be worked on. Some of the sounds displayed there are terribly outdated with Build 41. For example, none of the newer zombie snarls are available. You only get to sample and adjust the old B40 ones, the ones that were discarded with B41. A few other sounds are missing, like the one when zombies tear a wooden door down. I have no way of adjusting their volumes. I checked every single sound available in the Advanced Audio Settings menu and I couldn't find them. I even went to check the sound files and could not pinpoint their location. I have no idea how you set up that pathing but it ain't right.
  7. Okay so just here to report some problems with the studio challenge map. 1) Some of the walls around the map do not hide away when you're standing behind them. 2) Sprinter zombies seem way too powerful. There must be some bug related to their strength. They can tear down a full hp door in 2 hits. They seem to have an increased range of perception as well (as if the regular sonar zombies weren't bad enough). 3) Where the hell are the generators? Do you even expect people to live a long life? Give me a chance, brah. 4) Windows breaking sometimes make no noise. 5) Instantly caught on fire lighting a campfire. I didn't step on the fire. I didn't move an inch.
  8. Well hopefully the devs don't agree with you otherwise RIP my favourite game ever.
  9. That is quite a statement but understandable. Here is your snippet. A clip. I will let PBL provide the proof of his choice. I lost about 3 characters in that same stream to this problem and decided to just give up on the game altogether until a patch was issued. I'm a fairly competent player, I'll have you know. I'm all for making the game a bit more challenging but there are limits. Here's what my chat thought about what they were seeing.
  10. We tested it on stream yesterday and it was absolutely absurd. For a main PZ streamer, who streams this game every day for 5-10 hours at a time, to decide that a game is unplayable, it means that there's a problem there. Edit : Might as well remove the sneaking and the lightfooted skills since they have no impact whatsoever on player detection. Why even have them? Edit 2 : Goes back to what I was saying. What is that picture? Builder mode? There's practically no zombies there. You're a very far distance away from them. If you play on any higher zombie population, you wouldnt be able to blink before 10-15 zombies would be on you. As OP said, we even tried reducing their awareness and it did nothing. Zombies on low perception can still spot you with maxed out stealth from up to 26 tiles away. Ridiculous.
  11. To this, I ask you this. In real life, if you were looking at your phone or staring in the distance, would it be possible for a person to sneak up on you or past you without you noticing? Now take zombies who have decayed senses and you'll find the answer to your question. Realism is cool and all but this is a game and it has to remain fun. Zombies shouldn't be running towards you from across a field if you are highly skilled in the arts of stealth.
  12. I'm sorry dude but being able to be spotted as soon as you exit your house with lvl 10 sneaking is a bit BS. I don't think this is intended. I think this is probably a bug resulting from the recent tampering they did with zombie awareness. It might be cool changes for someone who plays with practically no zombies but increase the difficulty ever so slightly and you will find it unplayable. Can't even get in front of a window in sneak mode without 5-6 zombies running towards you.
  13. Completely unplayable since the last update. PLEASE Indie Stone, halp!
  14. Glad to see that a proper fix for animation canceling is still going to happen.
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