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[Zoom build] Feedbacks & problems report

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Some feedback for the build:
  1. The performance improvement is great, my computer is a potato and in previous build I cant zoom out to 225%/250% without being laggy and have to use window mode and lower resolution or else I would get laggy indoor. Current build improve my potato performance incredibly, now I can finally enjoy zoom out to 250% in fullscreen while driving >90/kph in highway. Also finally got no more laggy when walking aside to the river. Thanks developers!
  2. Clothing and weapon resolution are way better than before. 
  3. The car models turn ugly/darken when zooming out, still looking good when zoom in through.
  4. Make visual better for player construction (i.e. log walls) is a very very nice change.
  1. Had no problem of crashing in previous build, but current build I encountered several screen freezing, especially after driving crazy fast in highway and after prolonged playing time. Restart could solve the problem, still, kind of annoying.
  2. Several graphical glitches, please see the attached pictures.


Was this the only house that looked like this?
A: So far, yes. 
Did the interior only look like this when viewed through that door? Or all the time? Windows too?

A: Looking from outside & Looking from inside the house are the same. 

Definitely no mods or anything?

A: Yes. Btw it is a converted world save. 
Those are corpses and this often happen when I were driving very fast in the road. It would lead to screen freezing and restart would make these white blocks become corpses again, everything return to normal. I havent encounter this issue when I drive slow/ walking around. 
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Just a quick update, the problem shown in second pictures occurs more frequently and now I cant walk my way back home from town due to too frequent freeze/ crash. 

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3 hours ago, cmkb3 said:


Do you experience the same issues on a new vanilla save?

Yes in zoom zoom build.

No in the latest 41.26 version, it ran smoothly again, however the developers seems to postpone the performance fix in this update and I again have to use <200% zoom or else it becomes laggy. 

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First of all, great job with the zoom build! It's so nice to see all the details on models and weapons! The boost in performance is also pretty noticeable, especially when zoomed all the way out. I've been playing this build for a few hours now and here are the glitches I've encounter (playing in 1920 X 1080, no mods installed) :


1. As mention by other users, when zoom out, cars are very dark.

2. On foggy days, when zoom out, there are white lines in the fog

3. Little white lines around few tiles (looks like aliasing), especially around grass tiles close from sand tiles. Same kind of lines around carpets tiles over floor tiles in some houses.


And that's it for now. I'll try to make some screenshot if I have time tonight. Thank you and have a nice one!

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