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  1. If you notice the title of the thread and the time in the first screenshot, these are pitch-black instances during /daytime/. I'm having the same issue during daytime rain/thunderstorms.
  2. If your character is hemophobic blood on your body/clothes seriously affects your mood. Likewise if you're a smoker and haven't had a cig.
  3. In your log: [19-01-20 19:33:25.348] ERROR: General, 1579458805348> java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Users\Ivan Vukovi?\AppData\Local\Temp\sqlite- Can't find dependent libraries. This is causing your crash. If you go to the folder (windows shortcut is win+r "%temp%" ) mentioned in the error log, do you see the listed file? If not, something went wrong with your install. If it /is/ there, then the non-ascii character in your username might be throwing off the file search ("Ivan Vukovi?" -- assuming
  4. Just looking for a weight column in inventory windows to see what's heaviest at a glance/sort items by weight.
  5. Notice that you have both ORGM and NecroEchos .ini's in your game userdata folder -- can you reproduce this on a vanilla save with no mods enabled?
  6. Not much further to elucidate on this one. F10 works and takes a screenshot while not in the car mechanic window (part stats). Open the vehicle mechanics window, and F10 no longer takes screenshots. Clicking around does not change the effect. Closing the window makes F10 resume functioning again.
  7. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/eeObA3M Layout.ini attached 2560x1440 resolution, inventory and loot windows pinned at the lower left hand side of the screen (dragged as far down as they can go). They are also not of default size, iirc. When I exit to main menu or to the desktop and reload my last save, the inventory and loot window positions both move upwards (once, it does not continue walking upwards indefinitely). When my game is saved, the ini appears to save the window position correctly. When I reload, the layout.ini still says the correct position. If I
  8. Do you experience the same issues on a new vanilla save?
  9. Friendly suggestions for the interim -- if your mouse is from a well known brand (e.g. Logitech) you can download mouse customization software from their website that will allow you to remap mouse keys to other keys (e.g.: mouse button '6' sends 'D'). If you do not have that option, you can use the free software autohotkey to remap mouse keys to alternate outputs. This requires a bit of research into how to use autohotkey (AHK), however. Best of luck, and I do hope the functionality you requested is added.
  10. In previous discussions about tainted water, devs/support team have stated that they are following CDC guidelines for potable water -- the CDC does not consider rain water to be potable, see: https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/drinking/private/rainwater-collection.html As far as adding alcohol water to 'clean' it -- unfortunately, I am unable to find any information that adding alcohol to water has any sterilizing or purifying properties. While low levels of alcohol % can help extend the amount of time that already purified water remains potable, it is not a reliable way to clean wa
  11. True. In addition, if we're going with the full hunting/foraging route, then pillows + knife could give feathers. From there: Feather + straight stick + chipped rock -> Arrow Straight stick + twine -> Improvised Bow
  12. Per: https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/emergency-disinfection-drinking-water https://www.clorox.com/how-to/disinfecting-sanitizing/disaster-preparation-and-cleanup/disaster-preparedness-purifying-water/ Bleach can be used as an emergency water purifier at a ratio of 1 tsp (~5mL) to 5 gallons (for particularly nasty/cloudy/cold water. Regular water purification requires half of this amount). This could provide a quicker (non-renewable) way to purify quantities of water. One thing to note is that bleach is not as effective as boiling in k
  13. #6 - Rain also murders my framerate: Ryzen 7 2700 and RX 5700 XT, no mods. 1440p limited to 75 in game, double textures. Effect lessens as you zoom in.
  14. #1 is not a bug -- smoking causes vasoconstriction (veins constrict == less blood, esp. to extremities) which causes a reduction in local body temperature. This article is focused on feet, but it also applies for hands: I can confirm #2: driving with no windows broken does not allow you to pan (aim weapon). With the driver's window broken, you can aim and pan your screen -- the vehicle will not accept any further input (and will continue accelerating, turning, etc) as long as you are aiming/panning. EDIT FOR #2: Panning the camera requires a separa
  15. While the UI is certainly misleading, this is not a bug. From the Wiki: So, at the character generation menu, any skill that doesn't get a bonus accrues XP at a 25% rate. If you add a trait that increases that skill level by 1, you see +75% -- this is additive, not multiplicative. Ergo, level 1 skill from traits gives (25% + 75%) = 100% XP. You'll note that the math works out with what you found -- going from 25% to 100% is a 300% boost.
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