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  1. I can confirm & duplicate the this bug in the latest zoom build.
  2. Yes in zoom zoom build. No in the latest 41.26 version, it ran smoothly again, however the developers seems to postpone the performance fix in this update and I again have to use <200% zoom or else it becomes laggy.
  3. Just a quick update, the problem shown in second pictures occurs more frequently and now I cant walk my way back home from town due to too frequent freeze/ crash.
  4. So I set a noise trap on street and set zombies attracted on fire. At first they burn normally, then some of them turn into the white boxes and my game crashed after that. (It was 10:00 in-game time, I decided to make a journal for my character so I keep tracking time by writing it down.) After I restart the game, in-game time become 0920 but my journal was wrote on 1000 and is still there lol. All the burning zombies disappeared through. The burnt tiles nearby also returned to normal if you compare two pictures attached above.
  5. Some feedback for the build: The performance improvement is great, my computer is a potato and in previous build I cant zoom out to 225%/250% without being laggy and have to use window mode and lower resolution or else I would get laggy indoor. Current build improve my potato performance incredibly, now I can finally enjoy zoom out to 250% in fullscreen while driving >90/kph in highway. Also finally got no more laggy when walking aside to the river. Thanks developers! Clothing and weapon resolution are way better than before. The car models turn ugly/darken when zooming out, still looking good when zoom in through. Make visual better for player construction (i.e. log walls) is a very very nice change. Problems: Had no problem of crashing in previous build, but current build I encountered several screen freezing, especially after driving crazy fast in highway and after prolonged playing time. Restart could solve the problem, still, kind of annoying. Several graphical glitches, please see the attached pictures. Was this the only house that looked like this? A: So far, yes. Did the interior only look like this when viewed through that door? Or all the time? Windows too? A: Looking from outside & Looking from inside the house are the same. Definitely no mods or anything? A: Yes. Btw it is a converted world save. Those are corpses and this often happen when I were driving very fast in the road. It would lead to screen freezing and restart would make these white blocks become corpses again, everything return to normal. I havent encounter this issue when I drive slow/ walking around.
  6. I would check that if I found other Popsicle fridge nearby or level my electrical skills enough to pick up drying machines. I dismantled my microwave right after my previous post so I cant confirm if the location or distances matter right now. In my experiment I only use electrical devices that I found previously in my survival save and cheat is only for destroying the devices easier so I suspect one of the possibilities could be cheat-spawn devices do not consume electricity more? Also could you check if the electrical devices are powered? BTW since you mentioned "dozens" of electrical devices, I am quite curious about what would happen if the numbers of electrical devices in the 20 tiles area exceed a crazy amount of number, would that be instantly out of gas? I have no answer to that and I guess my study still have it's limitation. One thing I forget to mention in my original post through, that the white fridge and modern oven are originally located inside the house, and the popsicle fridge and mircrowave are not, they are pick up from other location. . I dont know if this factor affect the gas consumption. About the range, I have difficulty in counting how far my popsicle fridge is from my main generator and I guess it is still inside the 20 tiles range as it still get powered, but other devices are certainly within 20 tiles since they are located in my main house. I would leave some pictures of my base here so you might see how far are the devices from the generator. My main generator is located right next to my character. The popsicle fridge is in the house on the right side. Only the white fridge and modern oven left since my previous post. The popsicle fridge in the house on the right side.
  7. Revised the original post in 09/01/2020 since some of my conclusion are no longer accurate. Please read NonexistentDistable's post below, the analysis is way better and accurate than the original post I made here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Original Post below------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys, I am confused by the generator gas consumption in PZ but answers in internet are kind of contradict, so I designed a little research and want to share the results with the community. Just scroll down to see summary if you are not interested in experiment data Setting: · Cheat enabled to destroy the electrical devices in the house more easily and reset starting time of each experiment to 0000 at the beginning. · Identical save copies from my survival world were used for different experiments. Power and water were cut off at the time. · Test area: A three-houses region with farmland in the northwest of riverside, only surrounding log walls and barricade are made by player. · Generator would be reset to 100% gas and >90% condition after each use. · Generator gas consumption set as normal in the world setting. · Version: Build 41.24 (IWBUMS) Experiment 1: Tried to turn on on a generator in test area without connecting it, failed. Experiment 2: When a generator is connected in test area, · With all electrical devices (including indoor and outdoor lamps) on and all Indoor ceiling lights turn on, 24hrs pass = 100% -> 64% · With all Indoor ceiling lights and indoor & outdoor lamps turn off, all electrical devices turn on, 24hrs pass = 100% -> 64% · With all electrical devices (including outdoor and indoor lamps) destroyed & all Indoor ceiling lights turn off, 24hrs pass = 100% -> 88% Experiment 3: When a generator is connected in test area, · Destroy a white fridge in the house, turn all electrical devices (including indoor and outdoor lamps) and all Indoor ceiling lights on, 24hrs pass = 100% -> 64% · Continue to destroy a Popsicle fridge and left remaining devices on, 24hrs pass = 100% -> 76% · Continue to destroy a modern oven and left remaining devices on, 24hrs pass = 100% -> 76% · Continue to destroy a white microwave and left remaining devices on, 24hrs pass =100% -> 88% · Indoor and outdoor lamps were cancelled to be destroy since they seems to be not consuming any power. Experiment 4: When two generators connected in test area in close proximity (one block next to each other), with all electrical devices (including indoor and outdoor lamps) turn on and all Indoor ceiling lights turn on, 24hrs pass, · Original generator: 100% -> 64% · Additional generator: 100% -> 64% Experiment 5: Bring a generator to faraway forest region and connect it, 24hrs pass, · Original generator: 100% -> 88% Quick summary: 1. Generator would consume 12% of gas per day without any electrical device connecting to it. So theoretically a generator could run for around 8 days without refilling gas in maximum. 2. Indoor ceiling light, indoor and outdoor lamps, modern oven and white fridge do not affect gas consumption. 3. Popsicle fridge and white microwave increase 12% of gas consumption per day. 4. Each additional electrical device seems to consume another 12% of gas per day. Which device would consume extra gas remain to be explore. 5. Double generator waste double amount of gas. 6. It remains unknown that if the generator condition contributed to the power consumption, although it seems to be unlikely. Hope you guys find it useful, happy dying
  8. ....that's embarrassing, and I solved the problem immediately. What a complete idiot I am. lol Well this game is so realistic, thanks for your help!
  9. I attached several outdoor lamps inside the walls, it originally works fine but one day when I return to home I discovered one of the lamps (the lamp above the box in the farm) no longer lightened. I checked the generator's fuel and condition and both were in perfect condition. Also, electricity no longer connected to the smaller house (house with traps in above) No matter how I re-position the lamps, neither lamps in the house nor in the wall worked. So I decided to pick up a second generator. The first generator is the one near the central house and the second generator is the one near the house with traps. After re-positioning and connecting the second generator multiple times around the house with traps, the lamp in the wall suddenly regain electricity even without second generator turn on. However, inside the house with traps there's still no electricity. Am I doing anything wrong with positioning the generator? Or is it just bugged? Thanks in advance.
  10. I guess it should not be normal?
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