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Another Display Name

Easier to open a bank account than register on this forum

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FYI, you should try the registration process on this forum.  It takes less effort to make a new online bank account.


The password requirements are incredibly onerous.  I honestly do not care what password is used on this basically-throwaway forum account.  But it requires a more complicated password than any of my online bank accounts or bill-paying accounts, or even Google.


It says it requires a "Fair" password.  After attempting a non-Fair password, It shows a tooltip with a list of things that make the password stronger.  It does not say how many of them are required.  Eventually I just type in a long string of letters, which it rates as "Strong," but I can't copy-and-paste that into a password manager or into the password confirmation field.  So I end up having to copy and paste passwords from a text editor into the password fields, repeatedly, until the forum finally decides that it's a strong enough password to let me register.


Then comes the spam-prevention field.  The question changes each time the form is submitted, and THE TEXT IN THE BOX IS INVISIBLE, so I can't even see whether the answer matches the question anymore!  So I have to delete and retype it every time!  And apparently "The Indie Stone's game" is not called "Project Zomboid", because that was rejected!


Then I have to click the Google captcha thing again every time the form fails!


That whole process had to be repeated at least 12 times while searching for a combination of not-already-taken display name, "fair"-enough password, spam-prevention question, and clicking the captcha yet again.


Now, I'm a software developer, I've done my share of Web development on front and back ends, other kinds of software, etc.  I've written software that's used by thousands of people.


Imagine an average Steam user trying to register here to give feedback on this game.


Imagine how much feedback is being missed because this forum tries SO HARD to PREVENT people from registering an account.


I only bothered to do so because I'm so frustrated trying to have fun in the IWBUMS beta compared to earlier versions that I finally broke down and did whatever it takes to send feedback here, because I want the game to be fun and interesting again.


So, there you go, whoever--more feedback, as requested.

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Thanks for the feedback.


I just tried to register a new account and overall, I'm having trouble reproducing the issues you've encountered.


I didn't encounter the invisible box issue either. It made no difference on Chrome 78.0.3904.108 , Edge 79.0.309.25, , Firefox 70.0.1.
It all looked like the picture below.
Is there some theme/extension that could intervene on your end? I tried it with and without Dark Reader, for example. I also tried disabling the browser and windows theme to see if it made a difference.

Project Zomboid is certainly a valid answer, did you enter it with quotation marks?

Could it be that there was a space at the end when you pasted the answer?


I just completed registration with QwErTyQwErTy1 as the password.

While my shitty password still let me create an account, the password tooltip certainly helped to understand how a better password would look like:



Being unable to copy something from the password field is also not exactly an uncommon occurence.


All in all, I just completed the registration and it looked like this on my end:





All in all, I'm having issues reproducing the issues you encountered.



On 11/17/2019 at 2:00 PM, Another Display Name said:

But it requires a more complicated password than any of my online bank accounts or bill-paying accounts, or even Google.


Not like that's a bad thing. Those two usually make sure regular users use two-factor authentication as well, mind.

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