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  1. I'm excited for the changes in v41, but the survival/survivor preset doesn't seem fun anymore. Every direction I turn, there's 12 zombies in a group. I'd like to loot that house--nope, 12 zombies. I'd like to loot that one--nope, 7 hanging out by it. Here's one that has no zombies around it--none of the windows or doors can be opened, so finally I give in and break the window. 15 seconds later, 3 zombies fall in through the window, and even though I'm a professional firefighter, it takes more than 7 hits with a pipe wrench to kill any zombie I knock down, so I can't kill any of them before the rest start biting me--and while I've been trying, 4 more have piled in. So I escape through the front door and the 8 zombies outside start chasing me--of course, they heard the ruckus from off-screen also. And now begins the long haul: the next 5 minutes are spent trying to break line of sight long enough to lose aggro, but everywhere I go, there's another mass group of zombies that starts following me. Even though I'm "sneaking", I have to "jog-sneak" to outpace the zombies, and that makes enough noise that they hear me from 50 feet away. Every time I think I'm about to lose the horde--nah, even though they've been off-screen at minimum zoom for 30 seconds, they're still coming, falling over multiple waist-high fences and going through trees and around houses. I'm halfway through the town now, but I can't stop to actually DO anything like loot a building. Every time I come near a wooded area, the zombies obviously grow on trees, because out they come. I can't see them through the trees, but they can see and hear me, so I have to keep going, keep going, keep going. Eventually I'm so exerted from jog-sneaking that I have to stand up and fast-walk, and then I can't even do that, so I'm merely keeping pace with the zombies. I was hoping to have had some fun by now. Expected responses: Get good, noob! By all means, show me what I'm doing wrong when the town has 10x more zombies than people who could live in it, and every empty and wooded field is also full of zombies for no apparent reason, and it takes so long to kill one zombie that five more hear the noise and come from off-screen (I don't mean out of the view cone, I mean they hear things from way too far away). Slow down then! Stop aggroing them! Forgive me, but sneaking around in crouch-slow mode means moving at about 6 inches per second. If it takes 30 seconds to go from one house to the next without drawing aggro, something is wrong with the game. Play the sandbox then! Make it easy mode! I don't want easy mode, I just want something more interesting than running-from-zombies simulator. And I don't think I should have to set 12 different custom settings in unknown units (distance 12? 12 what?) to make the game fun again. Play the builder preset! Well, forgive the Goldilocksing, but that seems too easy of a preset. There's no challenge in that mode (maybe if you play for a month of game-time the population increases enough to make it interesting, but that's also not good balance). You're not hardcore enough! This isn't the game for you! Well, version 40 and previous versions were a lot of fun and felt well-balanced. I didn't have to design my own game mode to have fun with it, and it was challenging and interesting. According to everything I've read, Survivor Mode is supposed to be like v40 Survival Mode, but it doesn't feel anything like it. The game feels like work, not like fun. And I shouldn't have to make a custom preset to have a well-balanced, fun experience. The IWBUMS dialog says to post here instead of getting mad, so that's what I'm doing. Here's the feedback that was requested.
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