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Wood Axe using too much endurance

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13 minutes ago, Ziggylata said:

Id disagree there as well. Survivor mode's combat is not very engaging or fun, I think its way too easy and I push in apocalypse for maximizing combat potential with the lesser abilities to do so. Apocalypse should not be "stealth only dont fight". You dont live on borrowed time in Apocalypse and multiple people on twitch including myself are living months into apocalypse with pretty much guaranteed safety and resources. 

i never said you can't kill stuff in apocalypse, i'm currently at day 14 and killed more than 100 zombies. 

it means that combat is often best avoided, and the game will be balanced more towards that direction. 

the game is meant to be hard, and there are a lot of things people do on twitch to cheese as much difficulty away of the game as they possibly can. 

try not abusing those mechanics and see if you are really safe and guaranteed. 

nothing should be guaranteed in apocalypse so, again, move to survivor and ask the devs to make its combat more challenging, because apocalypse will keep getting harder and as soon as your cheese will be patched out you'll be back complaining about the difficulty.

you have a mode all about combat, ask to make that one better instead of dumbing down the mode we like as dangerous. 

just to clarify, all of my "you" 

are generic yous, not You Zyggylata, i don't kbow you so i would never talk directly to you like this

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