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Startup Lag

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I had a Frying pan on my back, a screwdriver on my belt, and I had a duel holster with an m9 pistol in a duel holster.


EDIT: When I loaded back up my save it seems to have switched the items from the belt to the holster and vice versa.

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Made an account to say I've encountered this bug too. I first thought it was an issue relating to a mod I was using, but it only happened after the hotbar patch and reading other posts on this board leads me to believe it's a problem relating to the new holsters, and I think my findings agree with that.


It seems the game encounters a bug trying to load a save when you have a gun equipped to a holster or double holster (belt and back attachments don't appear to be affected), making it lag excessively to the point of unplayability. I thought it was hanging trying to load something but it doesn't go away or change once it happens regardless how long you wait. After encountering it I made a new game, exited it and it loaded back in just fine. But in two saves where I quit after attaching a holster with a gun, the game loaded in an identically unplayable state every time.


Other minor issues I've found (mostly playing splitscreen with one person using a controller, and yes I know the new controller code isn't in yet but even still I prefer it) with about 70 hours in build 41:

-In split screen mode both players' hotbars are in the bottom middle of the screen, overlapping each other as well as the digital watch face too since it's moved there. With player 1 using KB/M the inventory window is also overlaid across both screens rather than taking up the left half, which obscures player 2's vision.

-Rifle magazines do not spawn in any armouries even on Abundant settings. Police stations, prison guard house, hunting lodge etc. They can be found as part of boarded up survivor stashes or on corpses though. Pistol mags spawn fine but I haven't seen any for the desert eagle yet, and I've played several games all over the map.

-On a related note, I haven't found a double barrel shotgun in all of my playtime to date, dozens of J-2000s though.

-Are you meant to be able to put a handgun in your belt? I've only seen the option to put them in holsters.

-When loading a saved game, the player character model won't load if a controller was activated in the main menu. Have to avoid accidentally hitting any controller buttons and load the game with KB/M, then activate controller and take over player.

-This one is more of a "the interface hasn't been updated yet" issue than a bug, but the workflow of moving loot around containers has gotten more painful since the anims update, not so much to do with movement or anything itself but just the quirks of the UI that don't play nice with it. Main example being when you tell the char to take or move something (especially when using a controller) and the character has to reposition themselves in front of the container, the interface often selects a different container (based on the selection cursor for multiple containers?) to display after moving rather than the one the char is facing (or the one you gave the order to/from), meaning you have to watch the container selection like a hawk to make sure you don't endlessly walk up a row of cabinets taking one thing from each by just pressing grab.

-I would also appreciate the new "attach" menu option being relocated below the "move to" option to make it consistent across all items, only some of which are attachable and again interrupt a smooth looting workflow when you're moving a lot of gear around.


Other than a few minor bugs like that (and this one gamebreaker I've run into), B41 is fantastic and myself and my friend have been having a great time playing co-op with it. Thanks for making "sit on ground" work with the controller menu too, that was a point of gloating for the keyboard user for too long.


I probably won't post too often unless I have another gamebreaker to call in, so I'll leave my pet request for dev consideration: If possible, please make it so zombies have more physical interaction with each other (occluding strike opportunities, limiting how many can pour through a door at full speed, tripping, bumping and trampling each other, possibly making it so you can't open doors if there's a wall of angry bodies blocking it etc). This is so that crowds don't have such an enormous, unrealistic advantage, wherein they move as a mass with more logistical grace than the most organised army in the world. 1-on-1 or small group zombie combat is satisfying and fairly challenging but crowds are unmanageable for the wrong reasons imo. They should be unmanageable, but not because they're a zombie voltron. Thanks.

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I did a bit of testing and got a video showing how to reproduce the bug and fix a save that gets hit with it.


Copy of the video description:

To reproduce: Exit the game with a holster or double holster equipped and with tools or weapons on your hotbar. Upon reloading, the holster's positions on the hotbar will be swapped with the belt's, and errors being thrown from tools and weapons being in the "wrong" places will cause a massive FPS drop.
To resolve: Remove the items from the hotbar and unequip the holster. The FPS will visibly increase as each item is removed and stops throwing errors. You can then re-equip the holster to continue playing normally.
To avoid: Unequip the holster before quitting the game.

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