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addSafeHouse doesn't work for more than 1 safehouse claim

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Hello, after the last patch (40.40+) SafeHouse.addSafeHouse (ISWorldObjectContextMenu.lua) works only for the first safehouse claim, so player/admin can capture only the single one safehouse.
Before that patch if you disable that limit with some simple lua. changes, player/admin can capture more than one safehouse. For example change ISWorldObjectContextMenu.lua:

    if not safehouse and clickedSquare:getBuilding() and clickedSquare:getBuilding():getDef() then
        local reason = SafeHouse.canBeSafehouse(clickedSquare, playerObj);
        if reason then
            local option = context:addOption(getText("ContextMenu_SafehouseClaim"), worldobjects, ISWorldObjectContextMenu.onTakeSafeHouse, clickedSquare, player);
            if not (getPlayer():getAccessLevel() == "Admin") and reason ~= "" then
                local toolTip = ISToolTip:new();
                toolTip.description = reason;
                option.notAvailable = true;
                option.toolTip = toolTip;

I have added

not (getPlayer():getAccessLevel() == "Admin")

it allows admin capture more than 1 safehouse.

Now i can't capture more than one safehouse even if i exceed this limit with lua, "Claim Safehouse" option is available and clickable, but when i click it nothing happens.
Can anyone help me to solve this problem, please?

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