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Player made roofs not disappearing


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There is a bug *most likely the creators already know about it* where player made roofs don't disappear when you are inside and I think the reason this glitch happens is because most roofs in project zomboid are slanted so it counts it as a ground floor so thats why it doesn't disappear. its pretty annoying when your a creative player trying to make a awesome base and come to realize the roof/2nd floor isn't disappearing so placing down stuff inside is nearly impossible.

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5 hours ago, EasyPickins said:

Can you post a picture of this?  Roofs should disappear in player-built structures.

Sorry i figured it out i thought the vehicle beta was the only one with cars and that was the one were roofs weren't working so i thought ok lets try it without the beta and didnt know you brought the cars over to main game and the roofs work there forget about this report i didnt know sorry :L

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