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I present to you a small bit of work I did to remedy my endless wild goose chase for the 4 computer parts. I know they're not impossible to acquire if you put loot on max but I don't like doing that so here you go.


This is not my work, all credit goes to Hydromancerx and his friggen sweet mod Hydrocraft! :D


I created 2 new items and ways to acquire them, the CPU and the PSU but I copied Hydro's stuff and changed names, even the sprites are straight from google images.

All the computer stuff is locked behind simple research, just need paper, pen or pencil and 3 books, Electrical Engineer Textbook, Welding Textbook and the Computer Programming Textbook. This doesn't make it easier to get an electrical workbench it's just an alternative to driving across the map a bajillion times. Enjoy :) 


p.s. any criticism or advice is gladly listened to, I haven't fully balanced this yet


edit : forgot to mention, the small metal sheets the recipes call for are made of aluminium


Hydrocraft.rar - just paste this folder over your regular Hydrocraft folder and click yes where applicable ( updated blueprints to use notebooks, added red and blue pens to blueprints )

hydrocraft build computer stuff.txt - this is just a list of everything in one spot   ( for Hydro if he wants it )


**I'm not doing anything else to the add-on since Hydro is going to incorporate this into Hydrocraft with his own preferences**


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Interesting. I will take a look at this and see if i want to add any or all of it. Thanks for the cool ideas!


EDIT: Some changes I  think I will be doing are ...


- Changing CPU and ComputerPSU to HCCPU and HCComputerPSU


- Using the Electrical Skill books as a requirement in the blueprints instead of computer programing textbook.


- Changed the time cost for the crafting x10 and copied the original recipes to be the same original speed but require an electronics workbench. In short you can craft without a bench but at a x10 crafting cost.

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