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The Walking Dead Group

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Hi warriors!
Here is the King Woldren of the Kingdom. I am recruiting soldiers to build a big community on the server The Walking Dead Project :D ahah
We are 3 for now, one is Lord Mk Borex and the other is the Queen, but i want to recruit at least 10 people or more, it will be very funny. If you want to join my kingdom, add me on steam, my nickname is Woldren. Team Speak is not mandatory, cause it is more rp to write what we do, but we can use it too if you want. The server is a normal server, we can make RP between us, and kill all the others. We could also try to interact with the others, but it is not mandatory too xD

See you on the server, hope you will like the Idea. 

On The Walking Dead Project we can also conquist Woodbury,  the Prison, Terminus, Alexandria etc. More we are, more we will be able to protect these cities after we take them :D. It will be funny

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