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Gameservers.com as host - Editing settings, configurations etc.


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Hello everyone:)


I just bought a server from Gameservers.com and I have a few issues I need to adress.


I dont know how many of you are familiar with it's setup but I'll try to explain..


Q: If I want to edit my server files (Erosion, loot amounts, respawns, rain etc) How would I go about

       doing this? I'm using Filezilla as my FTP client, and I found all the files. However, how do I apply them?

       I have three options. "Stop server, Restart Server, Reinstall server and Full wipe. 

       Which of these will shut the server down, apply the changes I made in the config files and restart the server

       from day one?



Any help would be much much appreciated!


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Run the server for the first time, put and repeat your admin password, when you see the server is running, stop the server, make the changes to the config files, and start it again.


You can also reload the servertest.ini (or yourservername.ini) file by using the reloadoptions command on console or /reloadoptions with the admin in game.


Stop is to stop fully the server, Restart just reboot the server in case it gets stuck or something, Reinstall is a reinstalation of the server files kinda like a repair on steam, but without deleting the server files (users, maps and all really), and a Full wipe, deletes all and reinstall it from zero.

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Dude, get a job as a moderator or ticket master at gameservers.com, they need it :D 


Thank you so much for your quick reply!


So, just to be clear. I click STOP, then I edit my files to my liking, and click start, and it should be ok? Wouldnt it be needed to fully restart

everything and re-apply the settings I edited in order for the server to apply the new changes?

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Yeah, you run the server for first time, and the config files are created in there folders, stop the server, make and save the changes and start it.


A fully restart (reinstall of the files) just wipe all the changes and give you the default files.


I have my server at another host, and know how to manage a server on my computer, once you know what to touch, all server managing is like the same :)

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Hm, I did stop the server, edit the files, start it back up. The effects didnt change :/


Am I supposed to click "reinstall server"? Wont that just remove all of my saved settings in the zomboid folder and revert it back to 32.19?


See, I got an admin to update my files to 32.30, then I clicked either reinstall server or full wipe and it reverted the settings to 32.19 so

Im afraid it will do that again. I dont want to wait another 40 hours for them to make it 32.30 for the third time.

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There are 4 options Stop and Restart, this two dont do nothing to any files. You use this options


The other two that you dont need to use are:


Reinstall, this reinstall all the files to what the server provider has as first instalation 32.19 in your case. This does a full wipe.


The other option must be Repair, and this does a repair of the files like the steam repair, i think i dont mentioned this earlier and i have mistaken for reinstall.




Other option is run the sever make the changes, save all the config files in your computer, reinstall the service and put the files back in their places. Also be sure to have updated to 32.30 first.

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My config files are located: c:/users/MYUSER/zomboid/server. Is this correct? Are these the files I am supposed to edit?


Sorry for not understanding. But I did like you said. I pressed "Stop" and the server stopped. I then use FTP client to go 

to c:/users/MYUSER/zomboid/server and edit the files, SAVE them, and click "Restart server" (This also works as start at gameservers).


But the server map didnt start from Day 1 and I added starter kit "true" but I dont recieve a starter kit.


The point is that I started the server a few days ago. Now I want to edit the files like erosion, amount of loot etc etc and apply them

to the server and then start.


But I cant upload them. The server wont use the files I edited. They still use the default files even tho I changed them and saved.

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You have to edit the files at the server ftp, there should be around there, in my host there are at the root of the ftp /data/(all config folders).


The files on your computer dont have any effect on the server, unless you are running the server from your computer, that is not the case here :)


Look around for the db (users data), multiplayer (map), logs (obvious) and server (config files) folders,


(The folder what contains all that folders is what you need in case you want to save the server info.)

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I attatched the files. Look at them. From Filezilla, my FTP client.


These are the correct files Im supposed to edit right?


I right click them, edit in notepad++, fill in what I want, xp modifier etc etc. Then I save with CTRL+Save

Then I restart the server.


Server is still using the old files :| 


I dont get this... 




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Delete all the folders i have mentioned before (db,multiplayer,logs,server), and run the server, it should ask at the console for an admin password, like the first time you run it, and the folders are created again with the default config, so stop, change files and run.

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I changed all of them. It doesnt matter which I choose.


I cant restart the gameworld. I need to restart the game world, so it starts from Day 1 then I think it will

take the new files and use them.


Any ideas on how I do this? You mentioned /reloadoptions in game but I cant make myself admin. I dont know how lol.

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