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  1. Yeah, I'm really happy with the server setup and all so I dont really mind the wait!
  2. this is unacceptable, why pay for such bad service? change the provider. ( larger the provider, the worse the service! ) I just changed from Gameservers.com to Vilayer.. Vilayer's support is just as bad as Gameservers, but its alot easier to manage the config of the server etc. But yeah, unacceptable indeed.
  3. I know and I dont care. Vilayer wont answer any tickets so it will have to do for now!
  4. Fixed it. Im a beast! Fix in the servertest.ini: Public=true instead of false and DoLuaChecksum=false instead of true
  5. I have done everything in my power now. I did a fresh install of both SERVER and my own files. Deleted EVERYTHING to do with PZ. Server is up to date. I dont see what the problem is. I keep getting fucking kicked.
  6. From the console: user CHIEFKEEF kicked because Lua/script checksums do not match
  7. Are there any additional launch parameters Im missing? Something I might have forgot? This is fuking crazy.. What the hell is going on
  8. I removed the ServerPlayerID.. didnt work. We keep getting kicked with the same message about my server files not matching. This really sucks as I really want it to get up and running by the weekend..
  9. Those are not my files now. That was from my other provider. I didnt get support whatsoever from the staff there so I changed my host to Vilayer.com
  10. Hi again! Just bought a server from Vilayer, works great and very easy to manage! However, I can only join the server while loggin in as admin. If me and my friend try without an admin login, we get the "You have been kicked because your game files dont match the server's". Any ideas to why this happens? I did a full server restart from scratch and we both uninstalled/installed the game. No go. :/
  11. Awesome. Getting one now. Thank you so much for your help. Any way I can message you if I come across any problems? You are extremely helpful and friendly so thank you so much!
  12. And do they provide you with enough resources to successfully edit your files to your liking in PZ? Can I edit xp multiplier, more/less loot, more/less rain etc?
  13. It didnt create new folders and now I cant connect to the server... "Connection failed" Just give me your host provider and Ill buy one there. Im so tired of this failing all the time
  14. I changed all of them. It doesnt matter which I choose. I cant restart the gameworld. I need to restart the game world, so it starts from Day 1 then I think it will take the new files and use them. Any ideas on how I do this? You mentioned /reloadoptions in game but I cant make myself admin. I dont know how lol.
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