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Viberift - Music-driven arcade fighter

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Hey guys,

Dreamteck here (Pepi writing). We are a small indie studio making its first "grown-up" steps in the industry. And we are super excited.
I wanted to show you the game we've been working on (yes, it's a Unity game :P and it draws tons of inspiration from the games with which we grew up.)


Viberift is a multiplayer, music-driven, action, arcade game that reimagines some of the classic music-driven game mechanics and puts them in the 3D environment of a fast paced, dog fight-styled gameplay (imagine a not-so-goofy-but-equally-fun Starfox atmosphere + dynamic Afterburner-like gameplay + Beat Hazard/Audiosurf-like game feel - you get Viberift xD).






The most important choice in Viberift is the choice of music. In the lobby you'll be able to select between playing with the in-game music library or loading your own tracks (or why not just specifying a sound input device like a mic and beatboxing while you play xD). But whatever choice you decide to make you should know that every audio track generates different outcomes in terms of actual gameplay. Viberift's audio analyzer has been designed to "read” any given music track (or sound input) and identify a large amount of its elements. This allows us to create a great variety of weapons, abilities and enemy behaviours, each of them governed by a different frequency band or aspect of the music.





In Viberift's multiplayer you'll get to test your skills against other people in a set of open-world arenas and in a variety of game modes (in PvP) or you'll be casted against AI-controlled Viborg swarms in massive, cooperative arena battles (in PvE).




At a later stage we will be introducing a single player campaign, which follows a female human pilot in her struggle against a self-replicating race of alien robots of death and destruction (it's serious, though). It will guide you through the world of Viberift in a set of levels - each with a specific environment, objectives and enemies.






In our game we strive to reintroduce some of the classic, for the genre, mechanics, seen through the prism of a music driven-game:


-  A fluid and generally awesome control system with boost, dodge, flight-plane switch, fake death and other components, some of which - heavily music-driven (ok, I lied about the fake death button because no one on the team likes it but together we can #makefakedeathhappen, right guys? Guys?).


- A good variety of ships with different stats, stat limits and visual modifications.


- A selection of our finest music-driven weapons, each with its own effects and behaviour.


-  An in-depth customization system with the possibility to upgrade your ships’ stats, weapons and appearance.


- A special ability system with many music-driven abilities (in-game you'll only get to pick one, though, because it's already getting too much for a self-budgeted indie studio)


- (And the cherry on the pie:) A super-kick-ass Sonic Mode which you'll get to rarely activate but when you do - you'll be transported to a parallel dimension of magical music-driven rainbows and unicorns and stuffs. So… yeah… It'll be worth the wait.





The Viborg are a mechanical creatures created by and modeled after a long extinct race of vibrational beings. Their only energy source is mechanical vibration, thus, to survive the soundless vacuum of space, they decompose every piece of matter they come across, feeding upon its vibrations. Shortly before the first attack, the humans manage to replicate some of the Viborg's technology and implement it in a handful of individuals. Thanks to our race's natural ability to make use of higher and more complex organizations of sound, those bio-augmented pilots are able to draw massive amounts of energy from... ehm... their favourite music, becoming far superior fighters than the Viborg. Nonetheless, we are fighting a lost war and our last, lingering hope lies within Vihra.




In the coming months we'll be launching a closed beta and soon after - our Steam Greenlight.

Stay tuned and support us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, IndieDB оr Google+ (or just check our Team Page or Game Page) - we would really, really appreciate it!







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