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Electric Generator using Gas


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Maybe one mod can add a sort of generator and a lead system. Which works with gas. And so to have electricity again. Or at least the duration of the Gas.


I know. This will make noise...

So we can put a little away from our base and connect the cables. 

Maybe it's a little complicated to make and use. Perhaps Can need more items. But I think it's a good idea and that maybe in the future can work.

Well... that's all. And if my english is bad, Sorry. But i don't speak much english.






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This is planned for the main game at some point so I think it's unlikely that someone would make a mod for it unfortunately. But the good news is that it will happen! It's also quite a common suggestion and I think many have thought about modding it, but won't start doing it because it will be in the game regardless. So just hold on and it will come at some point! :)


Oh and welcome to the forums!  (clyde)  (clyde)  (clyde) If you want to check other things that are already planned for the game you should check this thread! It has a list of things the devs themselves have confirmed. :)

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