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Found 2 results

  1. It would be nice that if stale items (the ones with reduced hunger and unhapiness & bordem maluses) would be marked as so in their name, in the similar fashion to Fresh and Rotten food. That would be helpful in distinguishing why the food have the maluses, especially for newer players that don't know all the food in-game yet and especially since the icon does not indicate it in any way. Would be nice to include that in Build 34, which is mostly Food focused build
  2. Hey Guys! This is my first post, so let me say I'm glad to be here. I hope everyone are doing well and kicking Zeds' arses I run a public dedicated server and we've noticed that although I set up Transmission to None (3) in default servertest_SandboxVars.lua file, we're being still infected and killed with i.e. Bites. Here is the entire file: Maybe I'm missing something I don't know... Everything else seems to be working fine, server is connectable from the outside, visible on public list, but I have this struggle for few days already. Anyone had luck with turning off Transmission/Zombification I've installed the server by using: zomboid@myserv:/home/zomboid/new$ cat myinstaller.sh./steamcmd.sh +login viper_8809 +force_install_dir /home/zomboid/new/Zomboid_server \ "+app_update 108600 -beta onlinetest validate"\ +exitRunning up-to-date 31.13 version. Bonus question:
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