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Found 5 results

  1. Using a fully loaded js-2000 to create a sawn-off shotgun completely de-spawns the shells that were loaded in the shotgun. They don't get ejected to your inventory, nor are they still in the shotgun.
  2. Just wondering what in-game advantages a sawn-off shotgun has over a regular shotgun, and/or vise versa?
  3. I haven't seen this and I even searched for it seeming that I couldn't be the only one who has thought of this so far. I think when you are using the shotgun that if a zombie is close to you, you should have to shove the zombie away before shooting. The sawed off and pistol can still be used to kill zombies in close combat, this seems realistic. I can't imagine having a zombie in my face and still be able to use the shotgun effectively. On the same note, when you run out of ammo with a weapon, you should be able to shove zombies away. I had to reload my shotgun today, but needed to shove a zombie off of me first. By the time I figured I couldn't shove a zombie while having a shooting weapon equipped, it was too late and I was eaten. Not that I care that I died - I mean don't we all in the end - but I thought it was weird that this wasn't a feature with ranged weapons, but is already a feature with melee weapons.
  4. I suggested this on the old forums but wanted to repeat it here... Way back when the pistol and reloading mechanism was a mod, not part of the vanilla game, the "hardcore" reloading style was the only one available. Although realistic, it was rather buggy and definitely not user-friendly, and I definitely support making the "style" of reloading an option in PZ's settings rather than forcing one set style (easy, normal, hardcore) on the player. However, the old mod version of reloading had something that I don't think was included when it was incorporated into the vanilla game version: shotguns had to be "pumped" between shots. If you hadn't tried it, it sounds dreadful and annoying, right? But I recall that once I got used to it, it was such a visceral, cool-feeling concept of shooting, whacking space to rack the shotgun slide, shoot, repeat. It did take getting used to, but it made the shotgun feel more "real" to me than any shotgun in any other game. It also balanced out the power/capacity of the gun (especially compared to the pistol) nicely, IMO. What I'd LOVE to see is this added back in. Not forced, because I'm sure loads of new players would utterly hate it, but with added via a menu option (below "Reloading" in the Options menu?) to let the player choose between: Easy: Shotguns are all semi-auto (as the game is now)Normal/Hardcore: Shotguns must be pumped before each shot (as described above) Keeping this option separate from the pistol reloading would satisfy players (like me) who wanted one but not the other. Ideally, this would only affect the current shotgun in the game ("pump action"), so at some point in the future, either vanilla or via a mod, a new double-barrel shotgun (never needs to be pumped but only holds two shots) could be added for balance and variety. It would also allow for bolt-action rifles to be added to the game at some point too. All that is "future stuff" that doesn't need to be worried about now, yes, but getting the basis of a "cock/rack before each shot" gun mechanism into the game at this point would make such future additions more viable as well as making shotguns more realistic (right now, why ever use a pistol instead of a shotgun?).
  5. "Say Hello To My Little Friends" Bugs so far: Ammo is lost on conversion if it is loaded. Infinite durability because of conversion. Coming Soon (In order of me doing it): Durability to remove the infinite on conversion issue. Mod compatibility for more whipping. Swing sprites. Fix losing ammo on conversion issue. It's my habit not to include instructions on how to use my mods, until people figure out how to use them . Thank you Pezi for your feedback. *TIPS* Firearms now have a safety switch, which will jam upon activation.Unjam the safety switch with a screwdriver and hammer, a rather long process.During the unjamming, you will need to clean your weapon with a dish or bath towel.The blunted sawn-off shotgun can be used like a knife in close quarter combat.The blunted shotgun can be crafted with ripped sheets or belts and knives for some ass-whooping. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
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