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  1. Wveth

    The Last of Us 1.5 (Now with Bow and 3D Models!)

    On the wiki page, the link to the Workshop page just links back to the wiki. lol
  2. Wveth

    Svarog's Small Mods

    You're still at this, Svarog? Damn son, good job.
  3. Wveth

    DIffrent Colored SPiffos

    I love the idea!
  4. Wveth

    Svarog's Small Mods

    I'm just uploading some pictures here so I can point you to them in a private message. That message will come soon, Svarog. IT WILL COME.
  5. Wveth

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Is a random fire starting one of the meta-events that can happen while you're sleeping?
  6. Wveth

    Different Forms of Sheet Rope

    But three?! THREE?! Anyway, if that was the case you'd be able to use a gun at the same time. But these are mostly irrelevant details
  7. Wveth

    Different Forms of Sheet Rope

    When you equip three dufflebags at once, the idea is that you've got one on your back and one in each hand. You can then carry additional weight up to an absolute maximum of 50 units... somehow? But yeah, it's ridiculous that you can climb a SHEET ROPE like that. But even climbing a ladder like that would be hilarious!
  8. Wveth

    Different Forms of Sheet Rope

    Well a human could thwart my pulled-up ladder with a ladder of his own. But I personally care more about what makes sense in the universe of the game than balance. My problem with the sheet ropes now is not so much that they're unbalanced, but that they don't make much sense. You shouldn't be able to climb a sheet rope with two full dufflebags on each arm and one on your back and a bunch of crap in your pockets and and and... Also, I don't think you should be able to climb a ladder that way either You should only be able to take a very limited amount of stuff up and down ladders. I think that would be pretty balanced.
  9. Wveth

    Different Forms of Sheet Rope

    I like the idea of having a ladder that you can pull up, though
  10. Wveth

    Different Forms of Sheet Rope

    I was just about to suggest portable, extendable ladders as an alternative to sheet ropes myself, which are a bit too reliable. But it'd be a pain to move the ladders. Anyway, I think this is a decent way to do it too. Maybe if extendable ladders would eventually break but crafted, permanent ladders don't? Or at least last much much longer.
  11. Wveth

    Hydrocraft 3D weapon PATCH v0.2 for zomboid v34.x

    I'm itching for a model-loader functionality in the game so this can be updated to work with it so I can get this! *squee* Awesome work francogp!
  12. Take it however slow you need to. You don't owe us anything. I must have 100 hours or more clocked on this map, fixing it up as a base just the way I like it. You rock!
  13. Wveth

    Few suggestions

    I like your suggestions, except the reloading one is already in the game. Go into your options and look for the "reload" setting. Change it to "hardcore" and it's exactly as you describe.
  14. Wveth

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Please buy the game. It's only $16.99 and the developers are always adding new things. I've gotten more use out of it than some full-sized games.