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Found 7 results

  1. Vehicle Cutaways: A Solution to the Camper Conundrum Hi everyone, I've been giving some thought to the vehicle interior issue. There have been suggestions in the past of having interiors on large vehicles like RVs/Campervans, but it seems the discussion always ends at something along the lines of "you'd need the car to convert to a structure when you stop, which is not possible on the Project Zomboid engine." What's different about my proposal is that I suggest that we utilize a feature that is presumably on the way to Zomboid already. Let's look back at a teased
  2. TRUCKS Since this is set in America, this should have one of the most iconic things America has, and it is its long nosed Diesel semi trucks. These trucks would have a lot of use for players that wants to live the travelling nomad life, they would be safe in a large truck with a Sleeper behind.(A Sleeper is a the part of the truck where Truckers sleep, eat and entertain themselves). It would also give a lot of utility to communities if the time ever comes to Multiplayer where large groups of players have banded together with NPCs. These trucks could be their lifeline in suppli
  3. A the title says, here's my suggestion towards the Dev's for another type of large vehicle that I for one would love to see in the game. I saw in some threads the mention and occasionally pictures of buses and other transport vehicles. Since there's already kindergartens and schools in Mouldraugh and WestPoint (probably someplace else also I don't quite remember) and on custom maps I would love to first of all, see School Buses like this one, which let's say, can hold up to 12 people or such in total. Now, the vehicle won't be op. It drives slower but has a large fuel capacity, it's harder to
  4. Ok first of all I would like to warn everyone that this will be a VERY long post so if you intend to read all of it, hope you are comfy and have all you need. Second of all I would like to say I didn’t steal anyone’s ideas, I have had most of these for months but have not bothered to post them until I had them in an ok format. Third of all and the last thing before I start please remember nothing is confirmed and some of these ideas may reference my other posts and or upcoming posts so some things not implemented in the game may be talked about for possibilities of the future. Thank you and en
  5. Greetings, Devs! I absolutely love this game, and want to support it as much as I can. This being said, when I was considering purchasing this game, the game's existing trailer did more to push me away than convince me to buy the game(after seeing gameplay, I decided to buy). It just seemed a little dry, and put together at a moments notice. I would like to make you new trailer. An Epic trailer depicting the games true nature and awesomeness. I have some very experienced friends who would be willing to aid me in this endeavor, and I feel that you could benefit greatly from it. Hope to hear
  6. Trailer park: A big project! (canceled) Im sorry to say that my harddrive crashed and i wasn´t able to save my project But dont worry, a new project is coming. "Updated the stream link to my new stream" Hi everone, This is my first post on the forum, but i´w been here for a while now. I´m a big fan of Project Zomboid (clyde)and i´w been playing since build 1.5. This is my map: Trailer park (Working title) The lay out is 4x4 Tiles in worldED Cell:1.1 (updated 2014/1/23) If you like to watch me create building or have any questions try and catch my live on www.Twitch.tv/Theslapma
  7. Kung Fury Kickstarter page How awesome is this?
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