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Found 4 results

  1. Hello once again! I'm posting my second building made: a 3 Floor Apartment building. every apartment ist uniquely furnished and the top apartment is the whole floor. Everything is ready to plug in and use. Feel free to use it wherever! Cheers! 3Story_apartment.tbx
  2. I made my first Building. Hope someone could use it or enjoy. Feel free to use and adjust it in your maps or for yourself. everything should work properly. If not just message me and im gonna fix issues. I do thought about adding detail on the east side but i made it from a RL template. 5 Story Block with Fireexit.tbx
  3. Sadly, I'm unable to finish some projects. As I do not have the same amount of spare time when I started building. So I share all the _.tbx-files I used (Free for all). And hope it will help other members with there projects. * Downtown Included, are some (adjusted) buildings made by other members: - DoctahWong_Cortman Medical - Doublebrain_ Abandoned Factory - Jinja_ House-1 and House-2 - Veged_Small House - Phex_Garages Thanks, to those members for sharing. Downtown_.tbx-files * Oil-Gas/Container/Grain Terminal Terminal_.tbx-files Have Fun! Kind regards, Z3759xy
  4. Hello Zomboid community, today I want to ask a help. As some of you know is gestating a new custom map, in which I am a contributor along with 956Texas, in our project, I'm working on a more or less large town, but in the future I have thought about adding a train station. I have a problem since I have not the railroad tracks in TBX files, so you would have to assemble them from scratch in order to have all the curves in the railroad tracks. as seen here .... http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?#0.4562961628251531,0.2511063208010607,38.33759992447473 I have tried to assemble each piece in the Building Editor, but not achieving the expected result since I go wrong. I need your help !!! someone please arme curves each way in TBX files, and I send them to speed up the work of this map. thanks for reading, beware that the zombies are coming.
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