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  1. Heya mate! You should definitely look into it if you have enough time. For that building i spent about i dont know about 5-6 hours. but it is my second building in total. right now im working on a small map but i am an absolute beginner. If you have questions go ahead i try to answer them but keep in mind im really new into it. I appreciate your offer but I'm not working at any project right now besides my own small map still got a lot to learn. You should maybe check out the Official Indiestone discord server. Cheers
  2. should be able to. havent tested it on a map but everything should work fine. oyu can walk them up and enter through one of t he windows for example
  3. Hello once again! I'm posting my second building made: a 3 Floor Apartment building. every apartment ist uniquely furnished and the top apartment is the whole floor. Everything is ready to plug in and use. Feel free to use it wherever! Cheers! 3Story_apartment.tbx
  4. I made my first Building. Hope someone could use it or enjoy. Feel free to use and adjust it in your maps or for yourself. everything should work properly. If not just message me and im gonna fix issues. I do thought about adding detail on the east side but i made it from a RL template. 5 Story Block with Fireexit.tbx
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