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Found 3 results

  1. So i just noticed that the police car sirens just turn off on their own after i move away, i don't even have to move far away, just a little bit off screen. I can clearly remember before the anims patch, that the sirens stayed on until the car battery died. I never had to play around in the sandbox options for that either. I checked both police cars and both had a functioning battery and the sirens where not broken either. I was able to turn them back on aswell. I guess this is a bug? Edit: I activated the police car siren again, but stayed nearby and watched the horde around the car. It didn't turn off on it's own. So i guess car sirens turn off on their own after you move too far out, which again is a shame, cuz it wasn't like that before.
  2. Maris

    Siren bug

    1. Turn on any siren 2. Wait at least 200 zombies 3. See stuck zombies around https://youtu.be/YzhdHNAFsDQ https://youtu.be/8PjZjFY8lto
  3. I think it would be great if zombies were able to set off house alarms, creating another sort of Meta Game Event. Not exactly zombies that spawned in the house, but zombies that are trying to break in to get to you, or etc. It would be spooky spawning into a fresh world and a few minutes later hearing a distant siren going off and many zombies going towards it. Speaking of spookiness and Meta Game Events, a few days ago I heard a freaking female scream when I spawned. The I quit the game. 2spooki4me
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