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Found 12 results

  1. Ich und ein paar Freunde und andere machen einen Server. Jeder der möchte kann drauf auf unserem Discord gibt es alle Infos. https://discord.gg/eDmjnF9C
  2. Server Name: [PvE] AWLGaming | Survival of the Fittest Server Address: Server Status: https://www.gs4u.net/en/s/268994.html Custom Mods collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2937301706 Rules: -➤ 1. No inappropriate or offensive names. -➤ 2. No destruction of walls of houses, claimed safehouses, shops or POI. -➤ 3. Only destroy structures placed by you in your own safehouse or if you get the approval from the player that needs help. -➤ 4. No claiming is allowed for public stores and POI. A Donator+ is exempt from this rule. -➤ 5. Don't place structures or barricades in public shops, POI. -➤ 6. Don’t over loot. -➤ 7. Don't loot containers themselves from stores or POI. Will mess up their spawn. Fridges from houses or furniture from furniture shops are ok. -➤ 8. Don't steal cars from other players' safehouses. Don't steal in general from other players. Don't tow vehicles that are claimed -➤ 9. Don't vandalize other players' safehouses. Blocking, graffiti, everything considered grieving. -➤ 10. Don't disassemble cars on their spawn nor use their wreckage to block public streets, shops, poi. All blockades should be against zombies, not players. -➤ 11. Report bugs to the game devs and not us, we are a community hosting the game servers and not Indie Stone. -➤ 12. If you have issues with the whitelist, griefers or lost items then please use the proper support/ticket channels to report these and not a Discord ping. -➤ 13. The rulings of the admin team in resolving disputes are final. Sandbox Options: ➽ Water Shutoff: 0-30 days ➽ Electricity Shutoff: 0-30 days ➽ Food Spoilage: Slow ➽ Refrigeration Effectiveness: High ➽ Rotten food removal: None ➽ Loot Respawn: 168 in-game hours ➽ Loot Seen Prevent Hours: 24 ➽ World Item Removal List: All items ➽ Hours fore Removal List: 24 ➽ Darkness during Night: Normal ➽ GeneratorWorking in Exterior: yes ➽ Initial Gas Station Amount: Infinite ➽ Farming Speed: Very Fast ➽ Plant Resilience: Very High ➽ Farming’s Abundance: Abundant ➽ Nature’s Abundance: Abundant ➽ Compost Time: 1 week ➽ Generator Spawn: Very Often ➽ Generator Fuel Consumption: 0.5 ➽ Time before corpse removal: 24 ➽ Loot Rarity: ➽ Fresh Food: Normal ➽ Canned food: Normal ➽ Melee Weapons: abundant ➽ Ranged weapons: abudnant ➽ Ammo: abundant ➽ Medical: normal ➽ Survival gears: normal ➽ Mechanics: normal ➽ Literature: normal ➽ Other: normal ➽ XP Multiplier: x2 ➽ Nutrition: on ➽ Starter Kit: on ➽ Free trait points: 20 ➽ Weapon Multi Hit: on ➽ Melee Movement Disruption: off ➽ Allow Minimap: yes ➽ Recent Survivor Vehicles: high ➽ Zombies Attraction multiplier: 1.0 ➽ Car Spawn rate: high ➽ Chance has gas: high ➽ Initial gas: Full ➽ Gas consumption: 1.0 ➽ General Condition: very high ➽ Player damage from crash: off ➽ Car damage on impact: normal ➽ Damage to player from Hit by a car: none ➽ Zombie: ➽ Speed: fast shamblers ➽ Strength: weak ➽ Toughness: Fragile ➽ Transmission: blood + saliva ➽ Infection mortality: 2-3 days ➽ Reanimation time: 0-1 minute ➽ Cognition: Navigate ➽ Crawl under vehicle: Often ➽ Sight: poor ➽ Hearing: poor ➽ Environmental attack: on ➽ Damage construction: on ➽ Day/Night activity: both ➽ House alarm triggering: off ➽ Drag down: on ➽ Fencelunge: on ➽ Advanced zombie options: Default Server Options: ➽ Allow Sledge: true ➽ Construction prevents loot respawn: true ➽ Fire: disabled ➽ PvP: disabled ➽ Player respawn with self: true ➽ Safehouse ➽ Survival days to claim: 0 ➽ Removal time: 72 real hours ➽ Allow fire: false ➽ Allow trepass: farse ➽ Allow loot: false ➽ Allow respawn: true ➽ Sleep: disabled Discord: https://discord.gg/awlgaming Website: https://www.awlgaming.net
  3. I got banned from the PZ discord last year and haven't been able to access it since so if you guys have any suggestions for environmental or PVP based servers that would be greatly appreciated
  4. *pst* Calling all survivors! This is Ranger Tony from Deerhead lake, Amaranth PvP - RP server is looking for more like minded people to role play. *kst* So come on down and roleplay your role to survive. [h1]Details below[/h1] IP: Port: 31600 Server Settings PvP: On Day Length: 10 Hours Water & Electricity:Power & Water are now off Events: Sometimes Loot Rarity: Common Traits: 30 free Starter Kit Mini Map: on Scheduled Server Restarts: 12am est and 6pm est [h1]RULES[/h1] No KOS Kill on Sight unless two factions have agreed-upon a fight, or both parties have made a mutual introduction and understand why combat is occurring. You must value your character's life and the lives of other characters at all times. Therefore, your character's personality and mannerisms should portray fear when faced with a life threat. For example, if you have a gun pointed at you, put your hands up. [h1]Server Mods[/h1] Water dispenser True actions Act 2 lying true actions act 3 dancing buffys roleplay chat survivor radio road between fort knox and bedford falls fort know linked to eerie country authentic z antibodies eris minimap - Press HOME to activate **Much more - Check the discord! Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/VucaGjZ4An <END OF RADIO TRANSMISSION>
  5. If maxplayers is set to 1, server will crash at startup, set to 2 not crash. version: dedicated server build 40.43 hs_err_pid1737683.log
  6. We at MajorGamer.net are proud to announce our first dedicated game server! Project Zomboid holds something near and dear to our hearts, so what better way to kick things off? A small survival server meant to bring players together to overcome adversity and survive! Extra XP, Extra Zombies, and Extra Loot all await you on this awesome server! We are listed in the Public Servers listing, but if for some reason you cannot find us, just use the information below: IP: Port: 16361 Also make sure to join the conversation over at Mumble where we have a 10 person lobby set up for this server, just use the following info: IP: Port: 64742 Hope you guys enjoy the server! Happy Fraggin, The-Major aka Lush
  7. Hello everyone. I recently came back to zomboid like many others to check out the multiplayer after so long and so far it is great. We do however seem to be having a problem where our characters are seemingly deleted randomly. I keep the server running 24/7 so that the world does not wipe and we have tried restarting it and deleting all the files to be sure that wasn't part of the issue. Whenever someone logs back into the game 2/3 times the character is deleted and they respawn back in the starting location again, losing the hard work put into the skills and gear of the other character. Last night I managed to log off and back in successfully twice before the third time deleted my character. After the server restarted that character was deleted as well but 2/4 other friends managed to log back in with the characters they had before that restart. The server is running in the background of my desktop computer since my actual server is currently in pieces. The computer is running windows 7 64-bit home premium with an AMD FX-9370 4.4GHz eight core, 16GB of ddr3 1600MHz ram, a standard WD 7200rpm hdd and an HD Radeon 7970 3GB. My internet connection at the moment is a bit slow, averaging out around 130 kilobytes/second upload and 2.4 megabytes/second download although the upload seems plenty so far to host the small ground (~6) of people currently playing. Anyway that seems to be about all of the information I can think of with the problem at the moment. I am about to leave for a few hours so unless the post it within the next 10 minutes I will not be responding for a little while but be assured I will later. It is just that in my experience it generally takes a few hours to get responses in the help sections of forums. But yea, thanks for reading this and thanks for any attempts at helping me to solve this problem. The game would be much more fun if we could gain more than a single level before losing the characters.
  8. I think we should add to disable the fire switch / option in the server configuration file. Used to prevent the spread of fire and arson Because in Pz, the fire is completely uncontrollable. It will destroy everything
  9. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THIS ANYMORE YOU CAN RENT A READY TO GO SERVER. LIST HERE: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/9856-project-zomboid-server-hoster-sites/ TESTED ON DEBIAN WHEEZY, SUPPORT FOR UBUNTU UNKNOWN WILL BE COMING LATER IF NEED BE LOOKING FOR LINUX INSTALLATION GUIDE? GO HERE http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5841-buying-running-a-linux-project-zomboid-server/ SCRIPTS FIXED AS OF 23/06/2014 Hey there, Are you struggling to install a Project Zomboid server? Trying to cut your way through all that Linux mumbo jumbo? Well then do I have the script for you. One of the biggest things I usually get, whether it's through PM's or posts on my Linux server guide is that some people are just struggling too much with the guide. Some people are just not technically minded with these sort of things, so it looks like reading a SCUD's schematics in Russian. With that in mind, this is the first part of a multi part project in making the installation and maintenance of servers that little bit easier. This way of installing requires minimal knowledge of Terminal etc and makes think that much easier. The downside is you have less knowledge about Linux making things a little bit harder to troubleshoot. So obviously use these if you really are struggling, but support for issues that arise might be a tad bit harder to explain on how to solve. Anyway you can choose to use this method, or the full Linux installation guide. The choice is yours on what to do. This version will still require you to download FileZilla and Putty. Script Information The scripts currently come in four parts. two parts for installing the server and grab other necessary scripts as well. One to use when updating the game (currently fixed to a beta branch which I hope to change later on, basically means anytime the game switches over to another branch will recover an upgrade.) and one to start the server (can also restart the server if ran when a server is running.) It's slightly buggy at this point in time as I try and find a better solution to starting the server. If it fails then you can just have to run through terminal. Hopefully I'll have the issue resolved relatively quickly. If you're technically minded and want to take a look under the hood of the script I've put it up on Github: https://github.com/Connall/Project-Zomboid-Server-Scripts So feel free to take a look. Guide to Using Script So first off, obviously go download the software I mentioned above. Putty and FileZilla. For sake of ease anything you see that's formated like this: Formatted like this.means that is something you type into the terminal. Got it? Good, great... alright... moving on. First make sure you have the necessary IP Address to connect to the server, provided by the hoster. Boot open putty and connect to the server using that address. Log into the root user account for the server and do the following. wget http://www.terminal-control.com/pz-server/scripts/pz-server-install.shOnce that's all done, do: bash pz-server-install.shThat will run the script. Follow the instructions that the console says. Make sure to take note of what password you choose for pz-server user since you will need to be able to connect to that user frequently. Once the script has finished close putty and open FileZilla. You’ll now need to edit the projectzomboid-dedi-server.sh and set your RAM values. This is dependant on how much RAM your server has, I personally didn't set them to use my complete server capacity, I did about half but the choice is up to you. (Kirrus: Don't set more than 80% of your VM's capacity.) Use FileZilla and double click on the file and it should open it up in an editor, find these two lines: -Xms1024m \ -Xmx1024m \ And edit the values to your choosing. Save and close the file and it will prompt you for the root password of FileZilla so put it in and it will be updated. When using FileZilla, do not use quick connect but the server manager. When it asks for protocol do NOT use FTP, use SFTP otherwise you will be unable to connect to the server. Now open putty back up and log into the pz-server user and run this command. bash pz-server-start.shThis should start up the server. If it seems to be acting strange then you can do it this way instead: screen -dr(Checking to see if there is a screen running.) If it doesn't say no screen detached, skip next step. screenEnter through it until you face something that looks like: pz-server@server - thing. Do: cd /home/pz-server/Steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboidthen ./projectzomboid-dedi-server.shthat will get the server started if the script seems to be acting up. Future... I do plan to make this a more in depth system as time goes on, to hopefully move through complete server autonomy. I want to turn this into a bit of a project hopefully. So will see where it takes me. Support Obviously the scripts should work fine since I've tested them a couple of times but always be on the lookout for any errors that might be spawning in the console in case they might shed light on the situation. I've tested this on Debian Wheezy so I know it should work fine (except for the problems mentioned above) but obviously unknown problems can pop up, so if this is the case then just post in here (please don't PM me) and I'll see if I can't resolve the problem. License For those that care it's using a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/ I doubt the script would get the attention of anybody who would be using it for commercial purposes, but I just decided to do it that way just in case. (Original Attribution and non removal of credits is also required.) I would appreciate if scripts being released as an adapt were done so when it's clear I'm no longer around and can not work on the project anymore. Programmers As I said above, everything is on Github if you want to take a look at the source code to check for anything malicious (which there isn't) before running it on your server, if you feel like pointing something out on a way to improve it then go nuts, I'll listen but I imagine the big ones like checking if program is already installed or check if file exists are already things I want to be tackling in the coming updates (hopefully.) Disclaimer While I make sure the scripts work and won't mess up/with a server, I still must say that you use these scripts at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any perceived damage they may cause and that if using these scripts on a server with existing important data, then I recommend backing up this data before using the scripts. If something does go wrong, a quick fix is usually an OS re-install away. Now obviously I don't believe the scripts should be causing catastrophic problems, but I don't want anybody blaming me for their serving becoming messed up. FAQ Q. Why you doing this? A: I needed a project. I was originally going to write some guides for Multiplayer to exist beside my Linux Server setup guide but the ever changing nature of multiplayer caused a couple of guides to become obsolete. So I decided to tackle an issue on something I knew about and I like helping people, so there's that. Q: How is this going to be expanded? A: One thing I really want to aim to do is make a website interface and cut out the terminal in it's entirety but that's a long time down the road I think. Most likely working on stuff like automating backups and fixing the running server and fixing beta branches. Really just see where the road takes me. Q: I have knowledge about x can I help? A: This is a very personal project for me as a way of building up my knowledge so at the moment I'm not particularly looking for help. You can offer me help, and I'll keep you in mind if I decide to expand this out otherwise I'm just going to keep going at this, chipping it away by myself. Q: Support for OS Y A: If it's a Linux derivative and can run Project Zomboid, odds are a script will come with it. However this is really for people who don't understand Linux all that well, so don't expect me to help every single little os. Q: What about Windows? A: I kind of feel that setting up a server for Windows is easy enough already without requiring more help, so support for it will not be coming. Same goes for Mac's. Q: What about updating scripts? A: At the moment you still have to run the wget command. I'll probably introduce a script update script for the time being use wget for the following addresses if needed http://www.terminal-control.com/pz-server/scripts/pz-server-install.sh http://www.terminal-control.com/pz-server/scripts/pz-server-part2.sh http://www.terminal-control.com/pz-server/scripts/pz-server-start.sh http://www.terminal-control.com/pz-server/scripts/pz-server-update.sh Install should be gotten in root user, while start and update should be gotten through pz-servers user. Enjoy! Credits Myself (Connall Lindsay) - Script Creator Kirrus - Assistance Everybody who read and commented on the guide, really appreciate it. <3
  10. Come join My friends and I... PM Me for IP. Rules - No Spawn Killing - No Rascism/♥♥♥♥♥ing/Talking Back - Have Fun - No Base Destroying - No Cheating. -0 Tolerance, Caught Cheating and you are BANNNNNEEEDDDDD for good! Other then that just enjoy the Game the more the better.
  11. Hi Guys, Im new in the community. I had a problem creating a LAN game in Project Zomboid. I followed all the steps listed at this post in order to create a game: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5577-multiplayer-open-test-details-inside/ And also readed this two post, and follow their instructions: http://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/540735425868310571/ http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6122-lan-servers/ The problem is, after we connected few laptos to a router to create a LAN game, and the server is running `SERVER STARTED´ we tried to connect to the game by typing the local host IP. Nothing. The server says: Id=0 gy=(lots of numbers) Disconnection notified. We tried running the server in differents laptos, with differents IP asigned by the router and it didn´t work. We turned down the firewall, and antivirus. Also open the ports that the post recomended. The curious thing is, we we are out of the router´s LAN, and connected to internet. We can create a game and enter by typing our own IP. Also we can enter in other servers trought internet. Weird
  12. Does anyone have any Australian servers up that i can play on?
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