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Found 3 results

  1. So, I play Solo most of the time, and let's just say that i suck at this game and die often, i do have the cheat menu etc installed so i CAN use god mode but i find that too booring, so instead i tried the "prevent death" option, which only heals you up if you ALMOST die, when the health reaches 0 it heals you + removed any damages etc. What I want, is a modification that does the same as "prevent death" BUT instead of healing me back to normal, i want the health to freeze at let's say 1, i.e I won't be able to die, but i still need to heal every wound to get back to full health, is this possible? If so any file i can modify? Cheers!
  2. Battle royale is game mode in games like ARMA, H1Z1 and it's great when someone want to play game not so seriously and for short amount of time. What is it about? All players spawn randomly on map at start and only at start. When match starts there is no possibility to join server. Players start without any equipment. After some time safe zone will be marked on map, if player will not be in safe zone he is going to die (because of toxic gas or bombardment etc) Safe zone will be randomly generated and then it will be smaller and smaller forcing players to be in that small area and fight. Example: The goal is to survive of course, the last person alive is the winner. Cooperation is forbidden. Match time is 30-45 minutes. How it would like in PZ and requirements: Some official servers or just official game mode to simply create servers where everything is automated (very importrant!). Queue system: There would be minimal number of players required to start a game if minimum is reached then game starts and players are spawned in random places or people join server and spawn in one small area when they can't harm/kill each other and then after some time (2-3min) or when maximum number of players is reached server automatically teleports players to random locations. It would require huge map with lot of urban areas but i think current map (Muldraugh and West point) is not so bad and could be used for that mode. Game time to RL-> 24H = 30-45min It will be interesting because of day/night system and because players will be forced to take tiredness of their characters into account. No running all the time, it would be more tactical than in games like ARMA / H1Z1. Why it will be good in PZ? It will be good mode when someone would like to play not so seriously, just for quick match for fun. In normal or multiplayer mode we play for hours and then die. It would be a nice change from the other normal game modes. 1 match would last 30-45min only so perfect to just chill out and have fun. That mode will be good just like multiplayer was very good in terms of gaining pupularity. Tell me what you think Edit: I forget about zombies in my suggestions Unlike than H1Z1 zombies would be in this mode and would create more danger and it would make mode more interesting ( for example more zombies in places where is lot of good loot).
  3. Here's a random idea I came up with. It would be very cool to implement into the game, but it would be very hard, and would require a lot of time. It would also have to come out after NPCs are implemented. Here it is: In the Sandbox options menu, there would be a "Start from the beginning" check box. (I can't really think of another way you would go about starting something like this, other than that.) When you check it off and finish setting up sandbox and hit play, WHAT HAS HAPPENED, I SAY? You have spawned into your jobs building in the map. (Police: PD. Security guard: Bank. Unemployed: in an alleyway or in a cheap house. etc.) The next thing is that there would be human NPCs walking around the map, doing their normal business. You may think this is strange, but no. "Start from the beginning" means beginning of the OUTBREAK. Or however else the zombies came to Kentucky. After about 10 minutes of being in the game, the NPCs would start talking about how some strange virus is going around, and then that triggers the game to infect about a third of the NPCs currently alive on the saved game. After however long you set on Sandbox for the virus to take effect, the population will start turning and CHAOS HAPPENS! Summary: Basically, it's a mode where you get to see the outbreak start and consume Kentucky. I think this would be AMAZING, because seeing people zombify, and have chaos unfold unto the citizens of Kentucky... That's just something you usually don't see in a zombie game.
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