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Found 4 results

  1. I was playing with someone on the splitscreen, and was going through the health and protection menus, and when they open the protection menu, they lose control of their player and menus, until I close the protection menu with my mouse. We've figured out its only that menu, not the info, health or skills. So we have a temporary fix for it, but thought we should share it none the less.
  2. This is out of the "small but important suggestions" thread. I've started a new topic so it's easier to have a discussion and collect our ideas in one place- what are yor thoughts on the cooking system as it is now? 589. Food Prep Taken from the Vehicles build 26 thread: I also find that cooking could be a little more elegant in design. I understand there were some changes made in the build 26 (main game, not vehicles) but I wasn't around to know what those changes were. I liked Shin's idea above and might expand on it like this: 1. Similar to the present method, right-click on a food item to see your food prep options (prepare salad, stir-fry, etc). 2. After choosing an option, a "grocery/recipe list" comes up. This is a list of all food in range that can be used in the dish you selected (eg. chicken stir-fry also brings up butter, noodles, condiments, etc). 3. You click checkboxes beside the food items to select the ingredients you wish to use. If you have enough of an item to use it multiple times, perhaps after selecting it once it can spawn an additional checkbox to allow you to add more of it (repeating the process until you have no more portions remaining). 3.5 As you click to add more food, the recipe stats (hunger, happiness, etc) update to reflect your current selection. 4. You click a button at the bottom of the recipe list, something like "prepare." This triggers a progress bar with timing scaled to be proportional to the number of ingredients you are preparing. 5. Once you have a prepared dish, you can still right-click on it to reopen the recipe list and add more food to it. This process isn't radically different from what we have now, but it cuts the number of food-prep clicks in half (no more reopening the context menu for each item). It also gets rid of the start-and-stop progress bars invoked by the multiple item adds we have now. I don't know how hard it would be to code in that recipe list, but if done it would save the cooks of Knox County plenty of tediousness! ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS From @Damien Darkside below: Food Prep station "those who have played Minecraft with the "Pam's Harvestcraft" and "Cooking for Blockheads" mods installed know what I am talking about, a dedicated system like that would be great."
  3. I think it is a compulsory feature for the game to allow players scan for servers . It will be much easier than finding the best one in the browser and less time consuming. It will allow the players to Find a server where they can join without having a high ping. Filters will also be required : As someone may need to search for RP servers or PvP etc. There may be servers where needs are enabled and others that all needs are disabled the player may want to have them disabled. Also when you click on a servers name there must be a small description of the server (with the rules ,required addons etc.) I just suggest something like this . There no need to post a link with servers for me. I wish you take my suggestion under Consideration.
  4. Currently, the UI layout is not saved across new games, forcing the player to reposition the menus to his favorite position each and every game. I suggest saving the layout information (visibility and position of menus) and loading this on every new game/load.
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