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Found 12 results

  1. Version 1.4.1 - B41.78+ Compatibility Update (17/08/2023) English/French Compatible Necroforge Compatible SP/MP Download Link : Steam Workshop Nexus Mod Mirror Manual Installation (If you downloaded from Nexus Mod or Mirror link) : 1.Drag and drop the folder MegaviBlades of the zip in the mods folder of Project Zomboid (C:/Users/(your name)/Zomboid/mods) 2.Launch Project Zomboid 3.Mods > MegaviBlades > Enable Enjoy Video : Youtube Items list and infos : Weapons : - M9 Bayonet - Can be found pretty everywhere but rarely, can be more common at somes places. - Assassin's Blade - Extremely rare. - Stone Saw - Can't be found, only craftable with 4 chipped stones, 2 tree branch and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. Can only saw logs and become unusable with the time. - Metal knife & sword - Can be crafted with a sturdy stick and sharp metal blades, which can be obtained if you have MetalWorking skill level 3. Can be repaired a good amount of time with sharpening stone and easy to make : 1 sturdy stick, 1 sharp metal blade (or 2 for sword) and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine (only twine for sword). The sword need propane torch and welding mask to be make. - (Removed) Katana - Can be found very rarely on zombies and at somes places of the map. - (Removed) Little Axe - Can be found pratically in the sames places of the axe a little bit more commonly. Can be found on zombies too. Can cut trees but can't be handled in two hand so less efficient than a true axe. - (Removed) Stone Knife - Can only be crafted with 1 chipped stone, 1 tree branch and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. Can't be used for cooking (or only to remove skin of animals) and can't be repaired. Items/Drainables : -Metal Blade - Can be obtained at level 3 of metalwork with a little metal sheet. It is used to craft Metal Knife & Metal Sword, but have to be sharp with sharpening stone before. -Sharpening stone - Allow to repair many times blade's weapons, can be found mostly in tools related locations. -Stone Saw - Can't be found, only craftable with 4 chipped stones, 2 tree branches and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. Can cut only wood and become unusable with the time. #### Changelog : #### 05/03/2018 - 1.0 : First Release : Adding Katana, Little Axe, M9 Bayonet and Assassin's Blade 06/03/2018 - 1.1 : Adding Stone Axe 10/03/2018 - 1.2 : Adding Stone Knife 25/03/2018 - 1.3 : MetalWork Update : Adding Metal Knife and Sword, Sharpening stone and metal blade. Review of durability & swingtime stats of many weapons. 15/08/2023 - 1.4 : B41.78+ Compatibility Update : Removing Stone Knife, Katana and Little Axe (now in vanilla game). Upgrading cost of crafting a Stone Saw. Improvement of distribution. 17/08/2023 - 1.4.1 : Minor Bug fixes ### Inspired by : ### LBMKnives - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=859341915 Home Made Saw - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=593493209 ################# Feel free to give me ideas or ameliorations, you can even use my sprite for your mod if you want but credit me
  2. I was thinking what if someone could make it so the zombies hold forks and knives (1 in each hand) while they chase and try to feast on you? The zombies would use the folk and knife to try and stab the player and they could still bite as well. But not scratch or lacerate since they're holding the folk and knife and can't freely use their nails. They may be able to use the fork and knife to grapple the player kind of like when barehanded though this would take health away. When the player is killed by the zombies you could see them feeding on your corpse with the folk and knife before you reanimate. If you die without being infected if the zombies find your body they can continuously feast on it. This would create a unique challenge to the player since the zombies would basically be using melee weapons to a very limited degree. Also it serves as good nightmare fuel and could even make the player panic more than with normal zombies! If the player kills one of these zombies they can get the folk and knife. I've imagined this funny scenario in my head for awhile and maybe someone could make it into reality.
  3. Hello all, I've recently encountered a problem regarding butchering. For some reason, despite having a fresh dead bird and a hunting knife in my primary inventory, I cannot butcher the corpse. No option to butcher has appeared, both when I select the bird and the knife. I've attempted this with both a hunting knife and a kitchen knife, as well as both a bird and a mouse, yet the option still hasn't appeared. Does anyone know of a potential resolution to this problem? Thanks.
  4. Recently I have taken up knife throwing as a hobby which has led me to thinking about how convenient it would be to throw certain weapons in project zomboid. A new skill could be added: Ranged. This skill would pertain to the accuracy of thrown weapons and also the accuracy of archery (which I saw in the plans for the future) Certain weapons you would be able to throw, some as a last resort in a desperate attempt to escape some zeds: Kitchen Knife Hunting Knife Butter Knife (doesn't do much damage even with a successful hit) Screwdriver (requires more accuracy) Axe (requires more strength) Spears Hammer *Edit* Rocks And a new weapon I will also propose is the hatchet. It is like an axe but is more lightweight able to be thrown. The damage is less than the axe but more than the hammer. Thanks!
  5. This is a rewrite of all of my crafting bats mods that combines them into one mod and expands on them to make bats that you can add to and make them much more damaging but overall slower and weaker. I included two different Craft Bat recipes, one takes longer and makes a real bat, the other one is made quicker and is a makeshift bat, which can also be crafted with a hammer and nail, but still weaker than the real bat variety. You can use kitchen knives, hammers and crowbars to add onto bats for some real maiming. Each weapon have been carefully scripted and tested to give an accurate feel for slinging them around. The damage level and stamina exertion has been fine tuned to seem realistic. A big thank you to JJStorm for offering and making the sprites for the icons, and hopefully swing sprites when someone figures that part out of the lua code. Crafting Recipes: Coming Soon: More transmorphering recipes. swing sprites (oneday). DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox Link)
  6. Sometimes you need a knife, but can't find one. This mod expands the items to be found in kitch3n cabinets. This version includes: Carving Fork Cleaver Crab Knife Ice Pick Meat Tenderizer Vegetable Peeler Watermelon Knife Coming Soon: - Various Japanese Knives - Get Meat Tenderizer to construct. Version History: V2M-KillerCutlery03b.zip
  7. Hey again, I know PZ is a dark game and I don't know how much "darker" the devs would want to get but... A suicide option with a pistol, shotgun, knife, sleeping pills, or sheet rope (via second floor window) would be an interesting addition for those who are "zombified," or create another danger for the player to have to over come when managing their character or group. It would make sense considering that drinking bleach/burning is horrific way to go and that folks would probably want something less painful I figure that if the character's sadness level gets way too low there could be a chance the character will do it to him/her self without the player initiating it and that this could happen with NPC members of a group too. It is a very dark option to expand upon, but this is a dark game. I would figure that if a player gets their fort gets surrounded by a massive horde and they are on their last legs supply wise and ammo wise they may want a more expedient option than bleach, burning, starving, or jumping off something. If the option is too dark... you could just have the screen fade to black followed by the sound effect associated with the method (e.g Pistol= *BANG*) and then the infamous "you survived for X months, days etc." Just an idea, and I apologize.. it is dark one Lol.
  8. Was thinking it would be cool to have a new tag for knives and other small hand-held weapons that would work in a similar fashion like the jaw stab tag for knives, but would force the weapon downward, killing crawlers in one shot, like the jaw stab move.
  9. Training dummy, constructed out of wood, pillows and sheets (ripped sheets). Used to train up combat skills. Maybe even firearm skills for target practice, with the Pillow Silencer mod.
  10. I want to be able to put a knife in primary slot and another knife in secondary slot and do a pretty spectacular dual stabby kill in zombies heads, like the jaw stab, but with both knifes in the left and right side of the skull. Also, dual wielding two bats would be awesome, of course with a swing speed penalty or something... Dual wield would only be usable once you Grandmaster that particular skill.
  11. What is a Swedish Fork Knife?: These ergonomically designed Swedish Kitten knives feature stainless steel blades and provide good balance that gives the arm, wrist and hand a neutral and relaxed working position. The design increases leverage in cutting, utilizing the power of the whole arm and conserving energy, thus making it easier to use for those with a weak grasp and/or reduced hand strength. The Swedish Fork Knife is multipurpose knife with a two prong fork-like tip and a serration on half the blade. Few blades can cut through the thin skin of tomatoes as the 4.5 inch long blade of the Fork Knife. Excellent for food preparation and dining. Weighs 3 3/8 oz. What does a Swedish Fork Knife Look Like?: The stats are my interpretation of the knife, trying to be realistic (at least in my opinion). Spawns rarely considering how much damage it can do. Using Vanilla textures for now. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) If you can't find it in-game, or just want to test it out. Here ya go. Put This in your "PZ/media/lua" folder. Press F6+K to give yourself one in-game. Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) INSTALL MOD: Copy the "mods" and "media" folder from the mod zip file into your Project Zomboid game directory, don't worry it won't replace anything (unless on Mac), it will just add the mod file into your "mods/scripts" and "media/lua" directories.
  12. using the stuff in the post by magnum2016. using vanilla textures and sprites for now. Had to name it something food related . Adds four new blades that spawn in the world. From weakest to strongest: Gumbocket Knife, Gumbofly Knife, Gumbowei Knife and Gumbochete.The stats vary widely between them, trying to be realistic (at least in my opinion). Adds a Gumbo Stone (sharpener) that can be used on them to sharpen them, however sharpening reduces quality and damage even though it restores durability. Using vanilla textures for now. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
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