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Found 8 results

  1. This post is mainly just a few ideas that have come to mind and I think would if not be fun would add some lore to the game and would be downright fun. Read my ideas below and tell me what you think. Idea 1#: Hazmat zombies (Immune to environments): Ideally in any disaster zone FEMA usually responds to dangerous situations to assist the State governments with relief and that includes disease as well. I believe, it is important to add a quarantine base with large zombie counts with some items along with a decent amount of lore. However, the Hazmat Zombies on a lore basis would be Federal Agents that became infected Via Bite or Scratch usually. These Zombies would be much harder to kill with fire mainly because the suits are highly flame retardant. But If my idea was added to the game - I think based off this idea we could add some new medical jobs along with Military / Government job types and skills to help push that agenda along and it would be nice to see some new medical items such as a undamaged hazmat suit or another rare item or two but at an extremely rare cost of opening the Infected cages. Keep in mind you would only find this at the quarantine base and if it’s possible - maybe add two to three different spawn locations A: if it’s possible to do so without a lot of work and B: to not always guarantee the same location of rare items. Idea 2#: Personally, I think Gasoline should be the short term idea to fueling cars , generators and other building items that require it however, it should run out or be extremely an low amount of to begin with. I believe that Biofuel and or Solar panels should be added to the game as well. For solar panels, it should be an extremely rare item to find in the game and must require a lot of skills to do so as a tradeoff but would make the survival of your characters more worthwhile. it should be mentioned that Solar panels could be placed anywhere and removed at anytime to supply power to your base throughout the day along with charging your batteries for night time usage as well but the trade off here is how extremely rare they must be per game. Secondly, Bio-fuel would nerf cars and gas powered items from being abused at the start but if someone were able to make a decently sized farm and had the right amount of skill sets - they could make their own fuel and would be able to use cars and other items at their own leisure. Honorable mention to also consider : I think its notable but something I would find some enjoyment is the possibility to have more electric based defenses such as electric fences that would cause Zombies to catch fire and would also disable Human players whom have a long period of exposure to said defenses. - JewishCowboy - Over and Out ! ( Radio goes silent)
  2. (Note that I already made this suggestion on mod ideas section) It's simple. Characters would spawn in with job-specific items. By example, if your character is a police officer, it's most likely that he would spawn in with a pistol, or have one in his household, and along with the keys for the police station's gun storage. Of course, many jobs would need some serious nerfing (Woodcutter), but it would be sensible to have them spawn in with something that fits their job.
  3. My suggestion is quite simple. If you pick a certain job, you should spawn or have items in your household that fit that specific job. By example, if you're a Police Officer, it's understandable that you would most likely have a gun on you, or in your house, along with the keys for the police station's gun storage. Baseball player? Baseball bat, duh! Carpenter? Hammer, or nails. Veteran? A pistol or hunting rifle. Of course, some jobs would need to be tweaked such as the woodcutter, so people don't just spawn in with axes. But overall, it's a nice detail and, I think, easy to add into the game.
  4. Hello coders ! A little mod request here. Actually I think it's a little mod i'm requesting. I would love to see a mod/software that lets you edit your character traits and job. And if it's not too much of a hassle, maybe edit your inventory too! As you may already know, build 31.6 IWBUMS has introduced quite an important trait & job overhaul. However it screwed up my old save by making my awesome character stout instead of strong and overweight even if he wasn't before the update. I assume that some PZ players may experience the same kind of nonsense, and while it may be too much to ask devs to create an interface that allows you to re-distribute once again the traits of an existing character (given the speed at which the game is developed), I thought it would be nice if someone bothered to create such mod/software. Cheers !
  5. BinxB


    so the first thing right off the bat I feel there needs to be a Doctor career for the game when build 30 is official. maybe a boost to first aid skill or naturally better bandages tho I feel the simplest thing could be just spawning with a first aid kit if you choose to be a doctor/EMT. i mean I know alot of people are gonna say thats OP to jsut find one but thats the point of a career to start with something you wanna specilize in
  6. Something that occurred to me during my misadventures - Shouldn't we have the tools and knowledge of our profession when we start? So here are my suggestions for "in inventory on start" Police: Pistol 20 rounds of ammo Aim 2 Reload 1 Sprint 1 Security Pistol 20 rounds of ammo Baseball Bat Aim 1 Reload 1 Blunt 1 Park Ranger Big Hiking Bag Spade Bottle of Water Blunt 1 Farming 1 Lightfoot 1 Fire Axe Blade 2 Sprinting 1 Nimble 1 Construction Axe Saw Hammer Box of Nails Construction 2 Blade 1
  7. Just list any job ideas, outline the traits etc, who knows some might make it into the game or be modded into it. personal idea: Weatherman- special trait: the character comments on the weather, "should be a little chilly today", or "looks like its going to rain soon" etc.
  8. Hey Peoples Me and some friends are trying to make a video game but we've hit a small problem that we could use your help with. we don't have a coder or someone who is competent with gamemaker or any other game making software. Since this is our first attempt at making a video game we have very little funding... actually we have no funding so we wouldn't be able to pay you for your work until the video game is complete and making sales in which you will receive the same share as everyone else (as long as you see the project though). The game idea. Plot: Angels vs Demons vs Humans with a twist (angels are the antagonists) (the player plays as a human which eventually becomes human/demon) Setting: undecided location in the UK or somewhere else in Europe in 2015 or 2018 Platform: PC and/or Mac (hopefully) Genre: Side Scrolling, action, adventure Combat style: Mainly swords, daggers, bows, crossbows (in this time the angels have destroyed all firearms.. well most of them) Art style: Pixel art This idea is still a work in progress so things are bound to change. (Oh yeah if you haven't noticed i like to use brackets) If this has peeked your interest enough to apply for this position then just email us at Greenhatchetgames@gmail.com with the following questions filled out: Name: Age:Nationality:Skype:Little bit about yourself:Sample of your previous work: We would also like to hear from any writers, musicians or artists who would like to help (we do have our own but we are fairly inexperienced still). As well as the project mentioned above we have 2 other projects in development (aka i'm writing the story+plot for them at the moment) if you would like to know more about them just send me a PM ok
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