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Found 3 results

  1. Here are the things I wish to see in future updates. (Some of these might have been in the game and I just didn't noticed ) 1. General Mechanics and Realism -Proper Sleep and Resting Animations -Loot Sheets from Beds -Craftable Pillows or Sheets -Craftable Bags/Sacks/Rucksacks -Lie Down on bed/Sit on chairs to rest -Sit on any surface slightly higher than the floor or on any seat-like object like boxes or furniture -The character must find the closest object to lean or sit on when resting and not just stand there for hours like a maniac -Rain should soften and destroy cardboard boxes -Proper Animation when using shower and bath tubs to clean self -Zeds randomly attacking other zeds -Make items 'visible' on pickup truck container -Pockets on clothing as small containers - this should be craftable as well -Exploding Tanks/Fuel Containers -Improve the appearance of dropped loot -Peeking through door peep holes or small holes/cracks on walls -Trees should fall as fallen trees, this should block the pathway, fallen trees can be chopped down to logs using the axe -Trees could fall naturally over time or if there is strong wind or if they are partially chopped by the player -Pouring Cleaning Liquid on glossy floor should make it slippery for both player and zeds -Dismemberment 2. Abilities -Leaning on walls and peeking on corners -Throwing stuff to make noise -Throwing weapons on enemies -Setting up traps -Going Prone/Crawling -Dual-wield: Use primary and secondary weapons simultaneously - like pistol on the right hand and machete on the other -Create Bonfire using pile of trash or dry leaves in the woods. Make trash/leaves pile using rake. -Expanding vision using mirrors: Facing the mirror should make the behind visible or strategically placing the mirror on walls to make you see around corners - you get the idea 3. Crafting/Building/Furniture -Dragging furniture across the floor for quick blockage of passageways -Use tabletops and furniture surface as container like the chairs on vehicles -More Non-Glass Window Variation -Fixed and Movable Ladders -Building Underground Bunkers -Living Potted Plants -Craft improvised light source from car batteries and lightbulbs -Adding Pillows and Sheets on Couches of Beds to slightly increase bed quality -Somewhat realistic plumbing and wiring system -Wind make curtains/sheets on open windows/doors move: this should also affect visibility
  2. I have made a program that extracts the global lua functions, like getPlayer() and the this is the result. Please let me know what you think! Many thanks, HOWZ1T
  3. Hi Guys, I've been following PZ since it was in its early days, and may I say it's certainly coming on. It's not often I find myself on forums but tonight I feel (after playing PZ for a few hours), my time to make some suggestions has come. So far I am enjoying the PZ experience as I am totally into Survival RPG games, and as far as I'm concerned this is the only legitimate Zombie simulator, so thankyou to the Indy Stone team for continuing their efforts on this game, Thumbs up guys!! Now, onto some suggestions... I apologise if anything here has already been covered in previous threads; First and foremost, whilst playing PZ I usually hold up in the Large warehouse to the north of Muldraugh. This just so happens to get very cold at night... And currently I cannot find any other warmer clothing than a Sweater, Pants and shoes... Are we going to see coats (protection from rain), hiking boots and equipment? etc... Another small point is perhaps clothing and footwear should slowly wear out, giving use to ALL the other clothing in game. I'm sure I had seen sleeping bags mentioned somewhere, but perhaps these could be found in the world and crafted from a few sheets, a pillow, a needle and thread (which I've also seen mentioned, I believe needle and thread are already being added in game). Bleeding: When a player is bleeding and is not bandaged, it would make sense for them to leave a visual trail of blood... this could be used to track down other players... Stop this by bandaging the wound. Trails should be removable with cleaning items. I would also suggest adding this into the hunting section for tracking animals when that gunshot doesn't deliver a fatal blow.. (are you adding deers etc?) I have heard that RJ is working on the firearms and has been working on attachments.. I'm just wondering if a silencer has been considered... Kinda important... but again, hard if not impossible to craft these items would be RARE! PLEASE reduce the amount for PAINT spawns! Seriously... it's ridiculous how much paint I have! (which I will never use! Good idea though ) Have the team taken into consideration about Illnesses? I mean catching a cold will make you sneeze etc, have you thought at all about belching and passing wind after eating? Random coughs perhaps... You know, that situation where your hiding in the closet as a heard of hungry zeds pass through the house, your absolutely terrified and what do you know.. out comes a little toot... phew! HATS! Yes, Hats.... where are all the hats!? Aches and Pains? Presumably from running a lot. I know this fits closely with fatigue but I think the pain of hurting feet could be a big issue, maybe stress the player out and most noticeably slows the players run and walk speed.... I know this was already refused... but hygiene... seriously guys... no hygiene? MUSIC! This should be one of the major forms of stress relief! Find an old CD player and some CDs? An IPOD perhaps, maybe even a MP3 player! With the use of batteries and headphones this would muffle all sound but would be very relaxing. DRUGS! What else in the world would YOU do during a zombie apocalypse? I know you guys are looking at a season system in which to implement the cold weathers of winter and the hot sticky sun of the summer... I just wanted to point out the fact of walking sounds and tracks. If you implement snowing, footprints MUST follow along with the AWESOME sound snow makes under your feet. Also in the autumn, you'd have the problem of those pesky leave crushing under your feet. POCKETS! HAS ANYONE THOUGHT OF POCKETS? For example your character may be able to carry SO much in weight... but where the hell does he put 400 nails when all he is wearing is underwear...? Following this point perhaps your 'Naked' char should only be able to carry so many items... but when wearing clothes adds a higher limit to the number of items the player could carry. Thus limiting the weight and number of items a player can carry... logical? HAIR! Has anyone considered the fact hair grows.... PUT A USE TO THE INGAME RAZOR !? That said I'm sure there are many other suggestions I could bore you with, but as it's 4:10am I think I'll leave it here. Please leave me some feedback and again apologies if some of this content has already been covered in other threads. Finally, I would just like to say that you guys at the Indy Stone ROCK! You have created a masterpiece from scratch and despite the world taking a keen interest in zombies, you guys have made the ONLY zombie game which comes close to actual zombie survival. Well done! - Wiizzy (PZ Fan - Survivor)
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